Application Integration

Pitfalls to avoid when assessing API Management vendors


Assessing multiple API Management vendors and determining the best solution for you need is not an easy task.
First, make sure you read the API Management checklist before launching your project. Then, prepare your API Management RFP carefully. Once you receive the answers to your RFP, you need to figure out what are the strengths, weaknesses and potential of each vendor and determine how they fit into your company mindset, your digital strategy and your project goals. You will also find below a few additional tips to succeed with your API Management project:

#1 Don’t evaluate products on IT functionality only

  • Instead of specifying a POC that shows the product does what it says it can do, or that it can do the modernization you are after, also bring business value into the effort.
  • Your time will be better spent and will guide your initiative giving you and the business a head start.

#2 – Don’t keep the vendors in the dark

  •  You will get more benefits by helping them become your partner, even during the selection phase.

# 3 – Don’t have too busy an agenda

  • We all have a busy professional life, but book regular free time in your diary to work on the project without having to worry about missing deadlines on other projects.

#4 – Don’t neglect customer references

  • Ask for solid references (in your industry and/or country)