Application Integration

Interview with APIdays’ founder at IMAGINE SUMMIT

“Nice people, great products, great roadmap and also great moments.” Those were the words from Mehdi Medjaoui, founder of APIdays Conferences and Author of Continuous API Management at IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe in Chantilly, France where he was on hand to share his view of the latest API trends. Medjaoui spoke to an IT audience on the topic of “APIs in the enterprise: past, present and future,” during the Plenary Session on the second day of the event.

Session content

During his session, Mehdi discussed his insights into the API economy, along with the core business structure that APIs are giving way to the future. Furthermore, he spoke about how to acclimate your company’s perception and culture to transition from products to platforms to ecosystems in the long run for seamless API integration.

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With the help and transition to APIs, companies can reduce their costs, as well as build a company that can integrate into the future for digital transformation. Furthermore, with an internal API strategy in the mix, you can align technology with your business to deliver great value. Internal APIs help to reinvent the role of your company. How? By controlling corporate data, along with defining policies, you have a sound path for the future with API implementation.

Getting candid

Mehdi spoke candidly in our video about his feelings at both the IMAGINE SUMMIT Americas in Orlando and at IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe in Chantilly, France. Mehdi said he was glad he was able to participate in such a vibrant community that is building around Axway’s ecosystem and products. He also spoke about how you can apply it to your model, internal and external, and what you need to integrate from third parties.

Mehdi said he has seen Axway “changing over the last five years with many acquisitions, many product changes, new logo and branding, along with a new culture,” Mehdi said. This is what he enjoyed most about his time at IMAGINE SUMMIT. Mehdi hopes people will “take away many ideas to implement” from keynote address.

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