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Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions Q4 2018–Axway named a “Strong Performer”

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Customer Success is something that Axway takes very seriously. So, it’s with great pride that we announce that Axway was named a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions Q4 2018. In Forrester Research, Inc.’s 26-criterion evaluation of API Management solutions providers, they identified the 15 most significant ones—and Axway was amongst the list. To be fully versed in the complete report, click here.

The report illustrates “how each provider measures up and helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals make the right choice.”¹ Learn more about choosing the right API Management provider here.


Why do we think being named a “Strong Performer,” is so relevant? According to the Forrester Wave™ report, “Overall, the reference customers provided by Axway are extremely satisfied with the vendor and highly satisfied with its solution…”

Recognition is always a nice perk within any company. But, we here at Axway truly believe that being acknowledged in this category prominently features our continued ongoing commitment to Customer Success stories. This enables us to deliver more innovative solutions to our customers. This dedication keeps our customers satisfied and coming back for more digital transformation results.

APIs are everywhere

APIs are everywhere. APIs are the main reason that sets the groundwork for digital transformation to happen. Without APIs, you’re stuck in the past not moving forward. APIs drive a customer’s experience in a new direction, along with creating digital ecosystems across partners and customers.

When APIs are utilized properly, they create business dexterity that drives digital transformation forward in a rapid manner. With AMPLIFY API Management, you have a crucial solution in place to manage relationships between providers and API users. This is beneficial for all.

According to the Forrester Wave™ research report, “Forrester identifies six major elements on a comprehensive API platform: API design and documentation, API creation and delivery, API testing, runtime service management, API lifecycle management, and API Management.”¹

Axway, along with different vendors, brings their own perspectives to their API strategies. Yet, what stays the same within Axway is that Customer Success with API Management is front and center.

“We have a strong product and the fact that customers rank us incredibly high is continued proof of our commitment,” said Axway CEO Patrick Donovan. “There are a lot of changes going on in the API marketplace, and as an independent API provider, we remain committed to innovations in microservices, APIs and hybrid integration.”

In this all-encompassing report, Forrester noted of Axway, “Its current strengths include its API design (it resells Stoplight), its API proxy creation (via both its traditional gateway and its API Builder), the breadth and depth of its API policy and its non-REST API support.”¹

By “building on the security federation in its gateway and its portal’s ability to combine APIs from multiple catalogs, the solution provides a good foundation for a variety of API ecosystem models.”¹

Customer Success

Customer testimonials say a lot about Axway. Gérard Guinamand, Deputy Director of ENGIE Digital said, “We chose Axway because we wanted an international company with undoubted credibility and professionalism in the field of API. Second, we liked the broad nature of the bid because we needed, on one hand, an API builder so that all the groups APIs can gradually be developed on a single platform.”

Jean-Charles Falloux, the Managing Director of Digital Media and Tech Innovation of Groupe Les Echoes said they “chose Axway for three reasons:

  1. The ability to listen to our needs;
  2. They offered us the ability to better manage content;
  3. The possibility of a third party to buy our content through an external platform.”

Listen to more customer testimonials about Axway AMPLIFY API Management solutions here.

Axway is thankful for this wonderful recognition in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018 report.

¹The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018, Forrester Research, Inc., October 29, 2018

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