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API Design First: Axel Grosse brings his API knowledge to Dublin

API Design First

Back in December, Alex Grosse, VP Innovation at Axway brought his world tour of API Design First training to an eager group of participants at the Axway office in Dublin. For over four hours (with breaks of course), everyone was immersed in all things APIs.

Axel Gross
Axel Gross

To give you some background knowledge on the topic, in 2016, Axway introduced AMPLIFY as the single Hybrid Integration Platform. Axway’s singular vision was to combine all integration use cases into one unified platform. Since 2016, Axway has been working diligently towards their goal of combining all existing traditional products to be fused with modern integration technologies, such as APIs and iPaaS. Consequently, what has emerged from our successful businesses with customers in the world of AMPLIFY API Management, Axway now goes API First!

What is API First?

API First is a strategy that puts APIs in the center of integration. Designing, developing, running and monetizing new capabilities and use cases becomes much easier when you think in this premise. The program is well underway in Axway’s Product and Engineering teams to allow Axway to integrate our own products into a single Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), Axway AMPLIFY, making it easier for your customers to integrate their systems with the help of Axway.


API Design First

Starting with API Design First, Axway is changing the way they involve customers and partners in the feedback of this new capability and enhancement of an existing feature to be implemented into the HIP. To help our Engineering teams embrace this new way of working, we are running a worldwide API First program that includes an API Design First workshop in every R&D Center.

Coming together

Like in Dublin, all developers, architects, tech writers and product owners came together to understand the philosophy and the impact it has on everyone’s engagement. An improved API Design First Guide was introduced, as well as a lean API Design First Governance model. The focus was on getting an idea as fast as possible into production, without compromising on quality and robustness of their implementation.

The workshop was a great success, and everyone benefited from Axel’s seminar and knowledge.

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