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Sopra Steria annual management kick-off

Sopra Steria annual management

Today took place the annual management kick-off of Sopra Steria where I was invited as guest speaker at the Axway booth. The event took place at the “Palais des Congrès” in Paris. It’s very impressive to see that a full floor was dedicated to the event, a sign of the impressive growth of the company over the past years.

The floor was divided into five main areas:

  • The Big Amphitheater for the major keynotes.
  • The “Digital Excellence” and the “Software Excellence” areas.
  • A “Digital Avenue” including CyberSecurity, Cloud, Innovation awards and Smart Ops.
  • A “Vista Points” area where there were large booths including one for Axway.

Annual management kick-off

At Axway, we were very proud to showcase our products and present our new growth plan for 2016 focused on Digital Enablement with two majors pillars:

  • Digital Foundation:

Axway offers the next-generation data exchange layer by combining File Transfer, EDI and API connectivity to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and better serve business needs in an increasingly faster ever-changing world.

  • Ecosystem Engagement:

By combining API Management and Analytics, Axway accelerates ecosystem engagement through new Digital Business initiatives generating new revenue streams, with real-time insights for appropriate business decisions.

With the announcement of Axway buying Appcelerator last week, Axway clearly reinforces their position into the Ecosystem engagement to foster innovation within companies thanks to robust mobile app development along with strong back-end capabilities to expose and consume APIs easily and mobile-specific mechanisms such as push notification and geographic localization. Last but not least, Analytics is a key component of the Axway portfolio and strong analytics are extremely important when interacting with a digital ecosystem.

I was pleased to talk to many managers of Sopra Steria, all coming from different countries and there was definitely a positive interaction with promising outcomes of our discussions.
As a conclusion, I wanted to share with you a picture of the original “green” logistic items, including cardboard seats and cork tables. I sat on those seats and I can confirm they are definitely solid, even for a big and heavy guy like me.

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