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3 APIs From Etsy That Have A High StreamRank

Each of the APIs we profile as part of the API Gallery has an OpenAPI definition created for it when we are learning more about what they offer. This is what builds out the listing and detail pages for the gallery, allows us to better understand what each API offers, and help others discover the different APIs that exist across the landscape. Once we have an OpenAPI definition for an API, we load the definition into Postman and begin making calls to each API. When we come across an API that looks like it has a high potential for rapid change, we benchmark the API for a 24-48 hour period, and establish what we call a StreamRank™ for each individual API path. After we profile each API, we like to publish what we’ve found here on the blog, sharing more insight about what they offer, and the potential for streaming data from each API path that has a high (enough) StreamRank. Today we are showcasing 3 APIs from Etsy, who provides access to “find handmade, vintage, and unique goods that express who you are,”  featured in our StreamRank gallery at the moment:

– Etsy – Get Listings Active (OpenAPI) – Finds all active Listing
– Etsy – Get Interesting Listings (OpenAPI) – Collects the list of interesting listings
– Etsy – Get Trending Listings (OpenAPI) – Collects the list of listings used to generate the trending listing page

These APIs have shown to have a significant potential for streaming, and would make sense as having not just as basic request and response APIs, which is valuable, but would also benefit from having an event-driven layer on top of it, including web hook subscriptions, and streaming endpoints. Which highlights the layer of the API space that serves, and demonstrates why we are interested in highlighting these APIs: 1) Getting the attention of the Etsy, so that they’ll see the potential of using to proxy their APIs, or 2) Getting the attention of Etsy API consumers so that they’ll see the potential of using to proxy Etsy APIs and use in their web or mobile applications, as well as for training machine learning models.

You can check out the 3 APIs provided by Etsy by clicking on the links above, or you can visit the main page for Etsy where we showcase all of their APIs on Etsy’s landing page in the API Gallery. We might be adding more of their APIs to our list of StreamRanked APIs, as we continue to benchmark each of their APIs. Also, as we find other interesting aspects of Etsy’s operations, we’ll be publishing individual stories on the, or the API Evangelist blog, highlighting the interesting things they are doing. If there is an interesting API you think would have a high StreamRank, and isn’t in our API Gallery, feel free to reach out and let us know–we love learning about new API providers, and profiling what it is they do!

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