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New Release: API Builder Standalone with Credential Management

Today, we are happy to announce a new release of API Builder Standalone that has built-in credential management for external services. API Builder can manage OAuth 2.0 access tokens, API keys, and HTTP Basic credentials, which can be accessed within API Builder flows with the help of specially designed Authorization flow-node, or as parameters in supported flow-nodes.

The Swagger plugin has been upgraded to 2.0 to leverage credential management. This version of the plugin makes it even easier to design and test API Builder flows that integrate with third-party services that require authorization. API Builder provides the means for credentials to be authorized by a developer and used within the flows:

The credential manager can automatically renew OAuth 2.0 access tokens, meaning that you can worry less about OAuth 2.0, and focus on designing your business flows!

For more information, see:

If you have issues, questions, comments on this release, please leave a reply to this blog post.