Amplify Integration

Cloud application integration made simple

Cloud application integration made simple

Cloud applications can be wired together to create more value for your organization. Amplify Integration makes this very easy.

Using a low-code/no-code approach, our cloud-native solution simplifies the integration of applications, data, events, and APIs — both in the cloud and on-premises. Thanks to cloud application integration that doesn’t require coding experience, enterprises can test new ideas more easily and innovate faster.

Let’s explore some use cases of Amplify Integration to show how it works.

Use cases for Amplify Integration

Cloud/on-premises integrations

Consider the case where a new customer is added in Salesforce. When this occurs, you could fire off an approval mechanism that ties into the onboarding process. Amplify Integration can communicate with Salesforce and enable this subsequent sequence of events.

Async integration

Using out-of-the-box connectors, Amplify Integration allows you to integrate with many event-based systems like Kafka. When an event occurs in one system, it can automatically trigger actions in another system.

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Amplify Integration lets you create process APIs based on legacy systems. While firing up the orchestration behind the scenes, you can make it look like an API is doing the work. Processes sit behind the API gateway and are available in the API marketplace.

File integration

There are scenarios where you may need to pick and parse a file. Amplify Integration provides a series of connectors that allow you to process various file formats, from XML to JSON.

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An example of a cloud application integration

A customer recently came to us with a cloud application integration request.

In this scenario, the customer used an application to create and track shipments. The issue is that when partners wanted to see where their shipments were, they had to press the refresh button every time.

This manual step was taxing on the customer’s ecosystem, as each click of the refresh button triggered an API call.

A more effective solution would be if shipment status could be automatically updated with this information pushed out to partner devices.

Enter Amplify Integration. Through its asynchronous integration capabilities, the platform can trigger shipment events that notify subscribed partners of status updates.

When Amplify Integration sees an event in the shipping system, it is configured to only extract data it’s interested in. From there, the platform processes, maps, and publishes that information to its endpoint.

The final message to the partner contains shipping details like location, time, and tracking number.

Because no coding is needed to make these integrations, the customer has found an efficient way to improve application performance and enhance scalability.

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The bridge between Amplify Integration & Amplify Enterprise Marketplace

Amplify Integration and Amplify Enterprise Marketplace are part of the Amplify platform. This powerful API management platform unifies your digital products. You can delegate work between these two products to support your API strategy.

For instance, you may have some legal agreements to take care of when a user subscribes to an application in the API marketplace. You can have the API marketplace invoke a workflow within Amplify Integration to connect with external workflows in solutions like ServiceNow and JIRA.

It’s an easy way to increase operational efficiency while ensuring the proper steps are taken.

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Key Takeaways

  • Amplify Integration, part of the Axway Amplify platform, enables cloud application integration with little to no coding required.
  • Amplify Integration can support cloud and on-prem integrations, async integration, APIfication, and file integrations.
  • One Axway customer used Amplify Integration to reduce API calls to their shipment tracking system and send partners automatic updates instead of having to hit the refresh button for updates.
  • To support your API strategy, you can delegate work between Amplify Integration and Amplify Enterprise Marketplace to improve efficiency.