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Macif partners with Axway to deliver best-of-breed insurance services

Partnering with Axway to deliver best-of-breed insurance services

“We are very vigilant, and we attach a lot of importance to the term partner,” says Fabrice Leyglène, Director of Information Systems for Macif, one of the leading French mutual insurance companies.

Macif provides automobile, home, health, and life insurance to more than 5.4 million members, along with financial services such as bank, credit, and savings accounts. But to maintain their reputation for best-of-breed products and strong customer relations, they knew they needed to overhaul their information system (IS) for greater connectivity, security, and responsiveness to customers and partners.

Toward that goal, Macif teamed with Axway on an ambitious project to open their IS to the various internal and partner systems. Using APIs, Macif advanced a multi-brand, multi-distributor ecosystem to give customers the best insurance and financial services to support their personal journeys.

Axway provided platform technology and worked closely with Macif on an API-driven strategy that covers and connects their property and casualty (P&C) data, customer website, and the distribution of their products and services.

Hear directly from Macif IT leaders how they transformed insurance systems and services with Axway in the following video.



Building API strategy on a unified platform

Macif chose Axway’s Amplify Platform as the foundation for their IS overhaul. Amplify enables Macif to publish, validate, and govern APIs across internal and partner systems, enforce security policies, and accelerating API adoption by managing and marketing them.

Amplify Platform gave Macif internal teams the tools they needed for APIfication, the process of converting software systems, applications, and services into APIs.

With Amplify, Macif was able to create APIs based on legacy systems and empower business users with the ability to enhance and create new workflows and services.

“Amplify Platform was simple to implement, with Axway providing all the implementation help, support, and follow-up we needed during the project,” says Jerome Farcet, Department Director for Architectures, Identities, and Security at Macif. “They had the expertise to contribute to all aspects of the project, including APIfication, security, and the building of our data repository.”

Jaouad Nejdi, Manager of the Fabrication Base and Exchange Layer at Macif, adds: “The partnership we have with Axway has been very important to the success of our project in many respects—collaboration, expertise, and support. Between Macif and Axway employees, there is a sense of being one team with a shared sense of challenge.”

Powering continuous growth

Working with Axway, Macif now has 500 different APIs in production, generating around 30 million flows per day. The scalable Amplify platform supports Macif’s plans to grow their number of APIs by about 20% per year over the next two years.

“We have several partners who previously were reluctant to join us on the old platform,” says Nejdi. “But given what we have in place now, we have many partners knocking on our door to come and join this platform. This is a huge gain for us and supports the mutualization that we want to provide for all our customers and partners.”

“Axway gives us a long-term relationship that goes beyond any specific project,” says Leyglène. “They work with us as an active participant in our product roadmap, provide day-to-day support, and maintain good relations at all levels of our company. That enables us to foresee and build the future together.”

Discover the full case study to learn how Macif built their API strategy on a unified platform.

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Key Takeaways

  • Leading insurance companies like Macif use APIs to drive multi-brand, multi-distributor strategies—with highly successful outcomes.
  • Axway’s Amplify platform provides all the tools companies need to publish, validate, and govern APIs, while enforcing security policies.
  • Amplify enables companies to transform legacy applications into APIs and empower internal business users to create new workflows and services.
  • Partnering with Axway gives companies the expertise and support they need to accelerate API-driven strategies.