Amplify API Management

Hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY–a springboard to the future!

Investing in the future is what Axway is all about. We seek to serve our customers’ needs to take their enterprises forward. In our 2020 ambitions, we set out to be a leader in the hybrid integration platform (HIP) market. To do so, we changed our business model, as well as moved forward with a customer-centric organization.

Hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY

One platform, one experience, one space! The capabilities of the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY allow an enterprise to work in one central space. iPaaS will improve our customers’ ability to integrate data. And AMPLIFY is the glue that holds all the different portfolio assets together.

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“We are investing in the way we engage with you as a company and the offerings that have value in the products we produce.”

A year of transition…

2018 was a year of transition. Axway worked diligently to build the foundation to be a leader in the HIP market. Furthermore, we made significant investments in building out the HIP platform and bringing it to market. This evolution continues in 2019. We seek to show the value of our investments in innovation.

As a company, we listened to what our customers had to say and added a subscription offering, cloud-based deployment, as well as investments around this area for a customer-centric approach.

Keys to our assets

To stay competitive, Axway recognized the need to evolve. We went from being a leader in the Managed File Transfer (MFT) space in 2006 and moved towards integration data and API Management. By 2008, business context, collaborative business solutions, MFT and B2Bi were in the mix. By 2017, Axway had moved towards customer centricity, data integration and an engagement platform for digital ecosystems.

Over the years, these strategies became the keys to our assets which have contributed to our vision—this leads us to AMPLIFY!

“The core of what we do is to still move, integrate and expose data securely for enterprises.”

Because AMPLIFY is one platform and one experience, you can service multiple integration patterns. Axway has invested in the platform and added new points from application integration, a unified catalog, flow orchestration, event-driven choreography, partner and consumer onboarding/management. All these investments were made to make the platform experience a superior one – and the innovation continues!

Changing with the times!

As our business model changed, Axway changed as well. Historically, Axway was an on-premise license vendor, but we moved towards a subscription-based model, along with hybrid deployment models based on customer feedback. We invested heavily in the go-to-market approach along with new ways for our Partners to add value to our customers.

With our numerous investments since 2018, we continue to grow our technology offerings, including cloud-enabled systems, moving to allow usage-based pricing and containerized offerings for both on-prem or cloud deployment.

Furthermore, our go-to-market approach includes a user subscription-based pricing, “try and buy” scenarios, the marketplace, community as well as customer support and engagement methods.

Axway wants to meet your evolving needs. By teaming up with us, we can help you drive your enterprise to be more competitive and “AMPLIFY” your experience!

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