Women Hack in Dublin: Promoting women in the IT sector

Women Hack in Dublin

Everything that shines is always Gold. With that in mind, Axway was one of three proud Gold Sponsors at the November 2018 Women Hack in Dublin, Ireland event hosted by Oracle.

Women Hack in Dublin

Six “talent seekers” took part in the event which focuses on promoting women in the IT sector. Being a Gold Sponsor brings wonderful responsibility. Axway was at the event with six representatives in a well-positioned space. Along with terrific merchandise to give away, Axway reps contributed their time and knowledge to the event.

Axway also had the wonderful privilege to showcase employee talents on a larger scale. Axway’s Melissa Collins, Principal Software Architect 1, was on hand to give an important speech about working at Axway globally and in the Dublin office. Some of the key takeaways that Melissa covered at the Women Hack in Dublin event were:

  • Examples of our Customers and how they use our products
  • Our place in the new emerging market: Microservices and hybrid integration platform 
  • Utilization of cutting-edge technologies
  • Working with exceptional people and technical expertise
  • Very collaborative environment solving difficult technical problems together

It’s important to note that during the evening, it was repeatedly mentioned by speakers that within the IT industry in Dublin, women do not feel it has hindered their chances of finding work within the industry because they are women. Melissa mentioned that she researched what the average male/female ratio was for tech companies in Dublin. She found it was at 25% for women. The Axway office currently has a workforce comprised of 20% women, so she noted: “there was always room for improvement.”

Further, it was discussed why there are such low numbers of women applying for tech jobs, as well as studying computer science. This was indicated as a much-needed focus factor for the future to tackle.

Women Reboot

Not to be outdone, Axway Dublin participants are taking part in another great project called Women Reboot.

Women Reboot provides women who have taken a “career break,” and who want to return to the job sector.

Women Hack in Dublin provided a great platform for Axway to meet with future prospects. We came away with some fantastic CVs for open positions in Dublin. The event allowed us to showcase Axway in a positive light, as well as being a wonderful place to work.

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