Global companies share their digital transformation experiences at IMAGINE SUMMIT

At IMAGINE SUMMIT in Orlando, Florida a powerhouse Customer Panel assembled to discuss their digital transformation strategies and their journey. Ann Lloyd, head of Customer Experiences at Axway, moderated the IMAGINE SUMMIT Customer Panel, asking them to share how they are innovating in their enterprises.



Fernando Ferreira, Digital Strategy Executive at Foursys which works in collaboration with Axway as a service partner, started off the discussions.

“So far the digital roadmap has been really based on new digital interfaces or new services that provide more internal efficiency or even just an experiment. Now I feel that the conversations are becoming much more serious, they’re becoming about how do I transform my business.”

Foursys is a company based out of São Paulo, Brazil. They employ over 600 people with four offices. Their large services to their clients offer great digital solutions. Foursys solutions are summarized by specific variables. They look to ensure the competency of the solution delivered to the client.

Ferreira further explained that the roadmap for digital transformation has been based on new digital interfaces or new services that provide more internal efficiency. Since most of their clients are in the financial sector, this process helps to transform their businesses.

Regarding business challenges, Fernando shared that the customer experience with an Open Banking client has two problems from a technical and business aspect.

“On the technical side, I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to discuss HIP. We’re talking here not only the internal spaghetti at the bank but also handling Fintechs. Some may have APIs and some not, but it’s quite a complex environment. On the business side, it’s also, a tough decision because the client realized he may have to cannibalize some of this revenue. So, this is the challenge of digital transformation.”

For digital transformation to occur, hybrid integration platforms (HIP) need to be present. It’s not just about integration inside the organization but also integration with machines. Ferreira believes a company must move forward with a digital identity. Read how Foursys and Axway provide flexible integrations to their clients.

National Oilwell Varco

National Oilwell Varco is a multinational company that services the upstream oil and gas industry. They are based in Houston, Texas and employ over 33,000 people. Manoj Kona, Director, Corporate Middleware at National Oilwell Varco, was on hand at IMAGINE SUMMIT to discuss digital transformation.

 “I think the main reason why we are seeing transformation is we want to be the disruptor, we don’t want to be disrupted. I think that’s a primary goal to be able to innovate the pace of innovation, and it has accelerated quite a bit over the last 10 to 12 years.”

At the end of the day, you want to be able to bring new revenue and more quickly deliver digital streams to your company. All these factors are driving transformation initiatives across organizations.

For digital transformation to take place, Kona says, “it’s important to keep engaging the customer and making his focus stay within your ecosystem. At the end of the day, you want the customer experience to be first rate.”

 “It’s a challenge that we as a business technical, techno-functional leaders have to constantly keep thinking to make sure the customer is getting the maximum value out of the service that we offer,  whether it be subscription-based or product based. I believe that’s a primary business driver.”

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Satellite Radio has over 30 million subscribers through their systems which provides entertainment through satellite and streaming. They have recently added Pandora to the company roster. Keven Williamson, Enterprise Services Architect, was on hand to discuss their digital transformation journey.

“The goal at Sirius it to have our customers be completely happy when looking for our entertainment. We are continuously looking at new ways to add programming, along with different ways to deliver.”

The main objective has been to integrate streaming and satellite radio for Sirius’ customer base. They have many OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that they partner with on an ongoing basis. With this brings many challenges, as different OEMs have their own approach.

For Sirius, the primary driver is to make as many services available as possible. The recent acquisition of Pandora brings a new experience to its customers. Digital transformation is in the early stages with this new merger.

Sirius in their digital transformation quest seeks to make the customer experience as flawless as possible. Kevin says, “We are not only improving our clients actual listening experience, our players and our interfaces, but also their experience as customers.” In the past years, Sirius has moved forward with replacing many customer service tools which they self-wrote over 10 years ago. Now with a subscription platform at their disposal, customers are able to experience a high-performance, high-customer visibility and satisfaction platform using APIs. Every day is a new customer experience and Sirius wants to be on the cutting-edge of this journey.

 “From an architectural perspective, having a framework, you can point people in the direction and say here’s the framework. It supports our existing stuff but it also supports our new direction. This gives a roadmap from here to there which usually gives people the confidence and makes them comfortable with the fact that we’re changing and they’re not losing what they have, but actually that we are augmenting it and making it better.”

In conclusion, for digital transformation to be successful, companies must continue to focus on customer engagement and speed to market. Having a successful hybrid integration platform in place is the key to moving your company forward. Read why you need digital transformation for the future.

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