vCloud Tech and Axway partnership

vCloud Tech & Axway

With over 20 years of technology consulting experience, vCloud Tech provides solid, robust solutions for the next-Gen software-defined computing, storage, and networks. vCloud Tech partnered with Axway to strengthen its fundamental competencies to deliver Axway solutions to its customers.

vCloud Tech and Axway solutions

For vCloud Tech, the AMPLIFY™ platform solution was a key defining factor in drawing them towards Axway. AMPLIFY helps its customers accelerate innovation with APIs, service delivery, integration, and deployment by reducing risks.

Axway Endpoint Solutions enable partners to establish secure and direct connections with their associates (including vCloud Tech), suppliers, customers, and employees over the internet.

Expectations from the partnership with Axway

With their top-notch talent, expertise, and a cloud-first approach, vCloud Tech is committed to customer growth.

“vCloud Tech’s mantra is to go the extra mile for their clients to deliver excellence with Axway’s solutions and partnership.”

Main drivers for Axway solutions

Productivity, cost-efficiency, scalability, along with user-friendly products and solutions are the key drivers that Axway provides to vCloud Tech.

With Axway solutions, vCloud Tech provides a complete end-to-end set of services that streamline access to enterprise data, integrate with the full API lifecycle support, and update app-building to speed delivery of value to the business.

Goals for the future with Axway

vCloud Tech is experienced in its approach. Their consultative methods help IT administrators, managers, and directors get back to focusing on their core functions — managing the data center and delivering impactful IT services to their internal customers.

Axway benefits from their dedicated team support providing software licensing, contract management, industry expertise, and strong partnerships with publishers from across the globe.

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