Meet our IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe exhibitors

Europe exhibitors

Anticipation is growing at a feverish pace, IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe is just a week away on March 21-22 in Dolce Chantilly, just outside of Paris. Axway and Europe exhibitors are proud to be part of this event which will cover all-things hybrid integration platforms AMPLIFY(TM) (HIP) and more. Thanks to this informative event, participants will have contact with peers, as well as industry specialists. There will also be opportunities for hands-on demos from Axway and its exhibitors to demonstrate how HIP and partnering technologies can transform organizations.

IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe promises to be a huge success thanks to the support of our exhibitors: Adelius, AWS, Denodo, Microsoft, Ping Identity, Sopra Steria, Stoplight and Meet our Europe exhibitors:

Europe Exhibitors + Platinum Exhibitors

Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria is a leader in Europe in digital transformation technology. They provide a wide-ranging portfolio in the marketplace from consulting, systems integration, industry-specific solutions, infrastructure management and business process services. Their full-spectrum solutions address the essential needs of large organizations, allowing them to stay competitive. Sopra Steria provides value with innovative high-performance services and excels in steering clients through projects, allowing them to make the most of their technology. Sopra Steria has over 42,000 employees in more than 20 countries. Xavier Simonin, Sopra Steria’s Director of Strategy, Marketing and Communication for the Center of Expertise, will deliver a keynote titled “Open up trustfully to win through innovation.” Join Xavier in the Chantilly Room from 9:30 to 10 am on Friday, March 22nd.

Gold Exhibitors


Adelius is specialized in IT production, production transformation and tools production integration. They offer employees and customers a state-of-the-art solution to meet IT infrastructure challenges. Since 2011, Adelius has been modernizing around IT services provision while maintaining its initial strategy: expertise & Flexibility. Adelius has over 265 employees and will continue to grow at a rate of more than 25% in 2019. Antoine Dutranois, Director Integration BU, will take part in a panel discussion on “IT modernization: MFT best practices,” March 22nd from 11:15-11:45 am.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Using AWS, customers can build complex applications with increased ease, scalability and dependability.

AWS and Axway bring a distinctive collaboration because they are the main platform for Axway’s Managed Cloud services. Further, AWS is a chief cloud platform for Axway AMPLIFY. And Axway’s solution items are flowing on the AWS infrastructure. This includes API ManagementMFTContent Collaboration, as well as B2B integration. Olivier Cahagne, Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services, will be on hand Friday, March 22nd from 2:40 to 3:10 pm to promote the AWS Global Accelerator: a new service for Axway customers.


Microsoft develops software, cloud solutions and devices. Microsoft’s collaboration with Axway allows Microsoft Azure technology to come together for better results in digital transformation. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform.

As a Gold Exhibitor, Microsoft will present on Friday, March 22nd from 11:15 am to 11:45 am. The session is titled “Innovation Axway’s API Management on Microsoft Azure through Kubernetes.” In this session, participants will learn how automated deployment of Axway’s API Management on Microsoft Azure Kuvernetes Services (AKS) benefits corporations.

Thiébaut Riegel, partner business development and Stéphane Goudeau, cloud architect from Microsoft will be in Chantilly to show you more.

Ping Identity

Ping Identity works to prevent and stop security breaches from happening for your company. Many organizations select Ping Identity for their proficiency in the security field. The Ping Identity Platform allows companies to access securely the Cloud, mobile and on-premises applications.

As a Gold Exhibitor, Ping will be on hand March 21st from 2 to 3 pm at the Learning Lab: “How can AI help secure your APIs.” Gain great insight into combining Axway’s API Security with Ping Identity. Philippe Dubuc, Principal Regional Solutions Architect will be on hand to teach you more.

Silver Exhibitors


Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing an agile, high-performance data integration and data abstraction, along with real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data and unstructured data sources at half the cost of traditional approaches. Denodo’s customers have gained a significant business agility and ROI by enabling faster and easier access to unified business information.

Denodo’s data virtualization along with Axway’s solutions helps empower the creation of data service ecosystems. This offers a guarantee of reducing the overall cost of data management, along with the availability time of the data.


Stoplight is an innovative software company that builds API Design First Solutions for the API Economy. Their joint alliance with Axway brings success in selling their mutual API offerings in our target market. Duane Tharpe, VP of Sales, said he is “delighted to come to the IMAGINE events and will be showing an integrated and tightened solution between the two companies that will help API design and integration.” is a B2B software company that specializes in streamlining data with event-driven architecture for large companies. Axway and have come together for Axway AMPLIFY for customers to distribute data updates through APIs. Through this ability, Axway customers can speed up their time and decrease costs.

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