Carahsoft and Axway: Securing data for the Federal government

Carahsoft and Axway

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is one of the fastest-growing technology solutions providers in the United States. Over the past 16 years, Carahsoft has become a $6.5 billion company and has built its reputation as a customer-centric organization dedicated to serving the needs of its government end-users, technology vendors, systems integrators, and reseller partners.

Carahsoft and Axway

By joining the Axway Partner program, Carahsoft assists Axway in expanding its solutions reach and impact throughout the Federal government.

With Axway’s Validation Authority Suite solution, Carahsoft can provide security capabilities that deliver a scalable, all-inclusive framework for real-time validation of digital certificates which provides access within PKI (public key infrastructures) environments.

With Axway’s AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer solution, Carahsoft can provide a centralized, secure way to transfer and exchange files internally and externally with total end-to-end visibility.

Needing support within many different trust models, the Federal government can depend on secure transmission through the Validation Authority Suite and AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer.

Expectations from the Axway partnership

With this partnership, Carahsoft is able to grow its presence in the Federal market and better meet the security needs of its government end users. Thanks to dedicated sales, marketing, and contract support from Carahsoft, the partnership has exceeded expectations and contributed to both companies’ growing momentum within the marketplace.

The main driver for the Axway solution among customers is the targeted focus for the Federal government to secure data and information as it moves between human beings and machines, thus providing extra value to the customer.

Carahsoft and Axway’s Federal customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the Axway Validation Authority Suite and AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer solutions can securely access, send, and receive data and information in a protected and timely fashion.

Goals for the future with Axway

Carahsoft’s goal is to leverage its strong relationships with Federal agency partners and Axway to help the government better secure its systems and data against increasingly complex cybersecurity threats.

Axway’s solution delivers a vigorous and adaptable certificate validation. The Axway Validation Authority Suite and AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer solutions support all widely adopted global security standards, as well as open technologies.

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