Axway and Microsoft partner to bring quicker solutions to IT challenges

Axway and Microsoft share a special “Gold partnership” bond that brings many benefits to both companies. According to Thiébaut Riegel, Microsoft’s Partner Business Development Manager, Axway and Microsoft “are building solutions together.” Thanks to the partnership, Axway solutions are certified on Azure, including AMPLIFY API Management and Secure Transport, as well as Accounting Integration Suite.

Stéphane Goudeau, Cloud Architect at Microsoft says, “our customers are your customers, and we are currently using Azure, our Cloud public offering, to enable Axway API Management solution to be used within Azure as an offering for a service.”

Axway and Microsoft, impressive technology

Instead of “spending and wasting time setting up and organizing a solution for optimizing,” with Axway and Microsoft working together efficiently, customers now have easy access to solution optimization and smooth delivery.

These distinct capabilities allow for less stress and fuss in organizing a solution. They make it much easier to go forward with API Management and Secured Transport, as well as Accounting Integration Suite solutions.

The AMPLIFY platform with support from Microsoft Azure goes forth to provide excellent enhanced swiftness and responsiveness, along with security for your enterprise. The integration platform gives way to use across multiple cloud features for your company. This enables a better customer experience by bringing better business value. With digital transformation capabilities at your disposal, Axway and Microsoft bring a much more unified and superior experience that gets delivered to an organization.

Furthermore, with AMPLIFY now powered by Microsoft Azure, customers benefit from the efficiency and hybrid capabilities of the Azure cloud platform.

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