Axway and Trustlink partner up in South Africa with the Amplify API Management Platform solution

Axway and Trustlink partner up

Trustlink, powered by Axway, provides technological and business expertise to bring API integration solutions to South African companies and organisations.

To stay competitive in the digital landscape, Trustlink assists companies with their digital transformation journey and management of multiple APIs. Igmar Rautenbach is in charge of B2B Solutions at Trustlink. Igmar works with Axway to provide the best solution to bring digital transformation to its customers.

Why join the Axway Partner Program?

According to Igmar, “customers in our market need technology to be able to compete and transform their businesses. Trustlink wanted to grow its business around these needs to stay relevant into the future.”

They wanted a technology partner that is seen as a market leader, with specialisation in API ManagementManaged File Transfer, and B2B Integration which provides flexibility around deployment models, with a strong focus on data security — Axway delivered. Learn more about the Partner program with Axway.

The right solution with Axway

Trustlink needed a secure and automated file transfer solution where they have file transfers with a broad client network. Trustlink can now modernise and consolidate these exchanges across businesses.

Over time, Trustlink became aware of APIs as a form of data exchange and the need for governance. The Amplify API Management Platform solution provides API Lifecycle management with critical functionality, including security, scalability, management, and analytics supporting the fast deployment of new APIs.

By partnering with Axway, Trustlink was able to bring a formidable solution to its customers for secure digital transformation.

Partner expectations with Axway

Trustlink expects to grow with Axway to forge stronger relationships with customers by increasing knowledge and expertise. They also seek to align themselves with global best practices through Axway’s solution and capabilities following market trends.

Axway’s continuous investment in research and development ensures Trustlink retains its position as a market leader in its territory.

Main reasons for the Axway solution

Trustlink recognized there is a need to modernise legacy systems. These days, point-to-point system integrations have become complex and very costly to manage.

The number of new integration projects for Trustlink’s customers is increasing rapidly. This created the need for an integration and security layer. There is also a strong drive towards digital services, which aims to replace manual processes and to create new revenue streams.

The protection of data and securing the flow of data is now even more prominent, due to various regulations and new legislation. By working closely with Axway as a strategic partner, Trustlink can safely satisfy its legacy system needs for its customers.

Axway’s solutions bring value to Trustlink’s customers

Axway technology solution enables Trustlink’s clients to have a faster and more secure integration journey.

The technology that Axway provides is a true enabler in the digitisation of business services. This technology provides Trustlink’s customers with a competitive edge over their rivals. This gives their clients the ability to have re-usability, standardisation, and scalability for the potential to unlock new revenue.

Shared success

Trustlink’s joint success so far covers the market verticals of healthcare, insurance, banking, and supply chain industries.

With healthcare, there is growing demand to integrate systems and applications and share data with the ecosystem and value chain in a secure way. This is where the Amplify API Management Platform solution plays a critical role.

Trustlink has also had a regional bank as a success story. By having a centre of excellence built around Axway SecureTransfer, Trustlink ensures it can process data originating at various sources across national borders.

Secure integration with other banks and financial service providers has become mandatory. SecureTransfer provides Trustlink’s customers with the necessary security and automation that is required.

Trustlink’s goals for the future with Axway

Trustlink’s goal is to establish the Amplify platform as the integration middleware of choice for enterprises in South Africa.

By partnering with Axway, Trustlink seeks to be recognised as a key enabler for enterprises in their quest for full digitalisation of their organisations.

Watch the Trustlink and Axway webinar on-demand to learn more about the business value of an open API Management Platform.