Axway and adorsys – the go-to solution in AMPLIFY API Management

Axway and adorsys

Fifteen years ago, adorsys was established as an IT consultancy company that envelopes the full innovation lifecycle. By specializing in mobile and web-based applications — and with the strong partnerships they have created with key players in the industry — adorsys adds state-of-the-art services for their customers.

adorsys is one of the go-to companies for enterprises looking for digital payment and component solutions. They support IT departments in the full implementation of these projects thanks to all-encompassing consulting and first-rate implementation of business design for DevOps and support services.

The right solutions

adorsys noticed that their customer base needed API Management.

Keeping in line with the adorsys company philosophy, they wanted to offer their customers a convenient all-round service.

To provide a tailor-made portfolio, they joined forces with Axway as a partner for the AMPLIFY API Management solution which delivers effective results.

Axway and adorsys’ partnership

Through the global Partner Program, Axway and adorsys can offer an effective collaboration skill set which enhances the entire performance so both partners can focus on their main strengths.

With Axway’s variety of software solutions, such as the AMPLIFY™ API Management, adorsys can implement successful coverage for its customers.


By bundling Axway and adorsys’ proficiencies and know-how, qualified additional and integrated services can be offered to adorsys’ customers. Thus, they receive a package that is truly customized to their needs.

Main drivers for Axway solutions

The main drivers behind adorsys joining the Partnership program centered around their customers needing an all-in-one solution.

adorsys believes that, with the software from Axway, they have found solid and market-proven API Management solutions with a high level of security for their customers.

Value in solutions

API Management solutions provide solid results to adorsys. Experience has shown adorsys that they can supplement their portfolio with an easily scalable, high-quality partner software. That in turn allows adorys to support their customers in building an API economy in an efficient manner.

 adorsys’ goal is to offer their customers products that complement each other. In doing so, they keep the entire IT market-focused and they can exclusively present their customers with software solutions that fit their needs.

Learn more about the Partnership Program and how it provides superior benefits.