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Meet the Griffins: Pamela Butts expertly manages Professional Services Resources to ensure lasting customer success

Pamela Butts_griffinspotlight_aug2022

We are back with our Meet the Griffins series where we present an outstanding employee who we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is an excellent example of commitment, achievement, motivation, and work ethic.

In the last Griffin Spotlight, we traveled to Phoenix, Arizona in the United States to meet Andreya Petkova, Principal Technical Support Engineer. Today, we return to Phoenix to meet Pamela Butts.

Pamela Butts’ job

Pamela joined Axway’s Professional Services Operations Management team in 2007, and, for the last ten years, has served as the North American Services Resource Manager. She is part of Axway’s Customer Success team, supporting the digital transformation journey of Axway’s more than 11,000 customers in 100 countries around the world.

“When the opportunity presented for the creation of a centralized Resource Management Office, it was a challenge I eagerly accepted,” Pamela says.  

Pamela’s approach to the job

“Remember, every day is a good day.”

Pamela insists on the importance of staying present in her day-to-day work, as it’s easy to get off track when working with a lot of demands. For her, focusing on the positive parts of each day allows her to best provide the meticulous resources required for each individual situation.


Axway’s strong team-oriented culture, our #BetterTogether spirit, is a key source of inspiration for Pamela. She tells us how inspired she feels working alongside her teammates who stay dedicated to providing world-class customer success while expertly balancing numerous projects week-to-week. “Our people are our biggest asset,” Pamela says.

More personally, Pamela notes that she finds inspiration in watching her grandchildren grow up. Seeing how they interact with the world with hope and excitement brings her joy and reminds her how important it is to find positivity in sharing happy moments with those around her.

“We can all get inspiration from watching those around us who, every day, do what they can to offer a hand up, to better someone’s life in any way.”

The best part of the job

For Pamela, the best part of her job is also the most important part: bringing visibility into the workload of the Professional Services team so that they can efficiently meet delivery expectations and best support the customers they serve. “We share our vision to ensure we are all working towards a common goal of our customers’ success,” Pamela says. Tasked with navigating the complex schedules of the Professional Services team, which can change multiple times a day, Pamela considers it a win any time that she’s able to effectively manage the resources of her consultants and ensure their talents can be fully utilized on the many projects the team manages.

What do you like most about working at Axway?

“The people at Axway are the best and I have developed some good friendships along the way.”

Axway’s flexible working schedule, including our Future of Work hybrid model, is something Pamela loves about her day-to-day work. “Axway offers a work-life balance that is not always easy to find,” she says. “I’m provided the autonomy I need to be successful in my role.”

More than anything, though, Pamela loves the people that she gets to work with the most. She takes pride in the friendships she’s built with her colleagues, many of which persist even after they’ve moved on to other roles.

Pamela’s advice

“Have an open mind, be confident, and challenge yourself.”

When Pamela took on the role of Resource Manager, it was brand new and had never existed at Axway before, which meant there wasn’t a defined scope or list of responsibilities. For Pamela, this was a challenge—something she found exciting and interesting. “The Resource Manager role is not structured,” she says. “Every day is a new day.” For those looking to take on a similar role, Pamela emphasizes the importance of having strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task well. She tells us that embracing every day with confidence and a smile is the best way to get started on the right foot.

Philosophy for life

“Be happy.”

Pamela approaches every day with positivity and an enthusiasm to help others. She challenges herself to be the best she can be, both at her role in Axway as well as with her colleagues and family, and takes pride in how much she loves her work. “There’s a familiar quote,” Pamela says, “Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it!”


In her free time, Pamela prioritizes time with her family—especially her grandchildren, her husband, and her beloved dogs.

Partial to Labradors and Golden Retrievers, she and her husband regularly rescue senior dogs, providing them a loving and comfortable home to enjoy their final years in. “The time we have with them may not be long,” Pamela says, “but you can’t beat the love they give back.” As things slow down, Pamela says she’s most looking forward to spending more time traveling with her husband.