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Meet the Griffins: Andreya Petkova delivers meticulous solutions to her Mission Critical Support customers


We are back with our Meet the Griffins series where we present an outstanding employee who we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is an excellent example of commitment, achievement, motivation, and work ethic.

In the last Griffin Spotlight, we traveled to Uxbridge, United Kingdom and met Darren Baggs, Principal MFT Architect. Today, we are going to Phoenix, Arizona in the United States to meet Andreya Petkova.

Andreya Petkova’s job

Andreya has been with Axway for an incredible 15 years as a Principal Technical Support Engineer, providing dedicated support for Mission Critical Support (MCS) customers. She is a part of the Axway Global Support team.

Axway’s MCS team is a global network of experts available around the clock to ensure customers are supported in their Axway solutions when and wherever they are. Support engineers like Andreya are a critical component of Axway’s customer success and serve as the front line in both troubleshooting and preventative action.

Andreya Petkova profile

Andreya’s approach to the job

“I don’t spare my energy or my knowledge when it comes to helping any customer or colleague.”

For Andreya, the most important thing she can deliver in her role is a strong commitment to detail—something she applies both to the work she does supporting her customers, and in working alongside her colleagues.

Employing a meticulous eye in managing her caseload, Andreya puts in enormous time and dedication to investigating each customer’s needs thoroughly. This work ethic is important to her as she believes it is the best way to fully ensure her customers are set up for success in both the short and long term.


Each day, Andreya finds inspiration in her work through the complexity and diversity of problems she is faced with. Each task, case, and customer are different, and troubleshooting can require creative thinking and strong investigation skills that help to keep Andreya focused and motivated on delivering great results.

“It is challenging at times, but that also inspires me to become better—technically and personally.”

The best part of the job

“Solving problems of course!”

Because of Andreya’s attention to detail and dedication to delivering meticulous solutions to complex problems, it is no surprise that her favorite part of the job is the satisfaction of figuring out a particularly tricky puzzle. For her, there is nothing better than delivering results and seeing her customers happy. “I know it takes time” she says, “but it also gives me, and hopefully the customer, comfort and resilience in the problem’s resolution.”

What do you like most about working at Axway?

Axway’s #BetterTogether mantra is a key part of a great experience at Axway. Andreya surrounds herself with strong mentors that have had enormous positive influence over both her work and her life, and truly feels like she is a part of a family.

“I have the opportunity to meet great minds every day—people with so much knowledge and attitude that I admire.”

Andreya’s advice

“Be ready for literally anything.”

For those looking to join a technical support team as part of their career goals, Andreya stresses the importance of being agile and thorough. She tells us how important it is to put in the work and the time through brainstorming, research, testing, and training, ensuring due diligence through every aspect of the support experience. “Never back out of any problem,” she says, “Regardless of how scary it may look.”

Philosophy for life

“There is always a way out of any situation, and there is always a way to solve any problem!”

Working as part of the Global Support Team, Andreya has learned to be flexible in every situation she faces. She believes that every problem has a solution, and those solutions are only accessible to those who stay positive and persistent. One of the very best ways to tackle any problem is to just sleep on it; as Andreya says, you will always have a fresher perspective in the morning.


In her free time, Andreya enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, as well as hiking and traveling. She works hard to ensure a good work/life balance so that she can be there 100% for both her family and for her customers at Axway.

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