Employee Spotlights

Axway’s Sharath Kolyoor brings a great customer experience to all!

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Axway’s very own Sharath Kolyoor exemplifies best practices for a seamless customer experience. Sharath has been working for Axway nine years.

For the last two and half years, Sharath has been in Singapore as a Senior Consultant for our Analytics products for APAC customers, and now as a Project Manager for some of Axway’s key customers in the South-East region.

Being a Senior Consultant is no nine-to-five job. Sharath works hard and brings his own special approach and initiative to the position. Sharath says that “every problem has a solution. If you haven’t found one, you have not tried hard enough.”

Everyone can benefit and learn from that advice! In the Analytics space, Sharath has been working as an Integration Specialist for Axway’s BusinessBridge and Decision Insight products, along with the Embedded Analytics solution. He finds that he obtains “most of his knowledge from the product group and more importantly, by learning by practice and POCs.”


As a Project Manager, Sharath tackles many roles. He is faced with many challenges and decision-making opportunities on a daily basis. For Sharath, he always listens, thinks about the problem, and then takes action.

The best part of the job of Analytics products

The best part of the job for Sharath at Axway is “being able to interact directly with the customers and to understand what matters first hand to them.”

For Sharath, “he’s able to solve a customer issue or achieve a milestone, it gives him a great deal of satisfaction that his work contributes to the positive outcome for the customer in achieving their vision.”

Another great advantage for Sharath is that he gets to travel to other countries to work with regional customers. This helps him better understand and adapt to their work culture, and their environment. Sharath feels this helps him be one step closer to becoming a “Global Professional.”

Personal advice

Sharath has great knowledge and a wonderful point of view. His advice for students who may want to take this career path is, “stay humble and have a great, positive attitude.

Be open to challenges and make a positive impact and impression in every interaction with a customer as though it was a job interview. And, never be afraid to ask for feedback. You cannot progress if you cannot learn from your experience.” Great advice for all!


Sharath’s philosophy for life!

Sharath is right: “Life is full of tough choices. A reminder to myself is to try to keep smiling at least three days a week; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” One can learn from Sharath’s philosophy.

In Sharath’s downtime, he likes to have weekend getaways with his wife which are his favorite. Most recently, he went to visit Bali, Indonesia. Sharath likes to spend his time with friends and family, as well as go to the movies and ride bikes.

A big thank you to Sharath for all he does to bring a great customer experience to all our customers.

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