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Griffin Spotlight: Arjun Warrier brings a special connection to B2Bi

Arjun Warrier

Every month, in our Meet the Griffin Series, Axway presents an outstanding employee we feel embodies Axway’s culture and is a great example of commitment, achievement, journey, motivation, and work ethic.

Last month, we showcased Emilija Zafirova, an Engineering Manager from Sofia, Bulgaria. This month, we fly to Dallas, Texas to meet Arjun Warrier, a Senior Technical Consultant.

The job

Arjun Warrier is working remotely from his home in the Dallas Metropolitan Area. He is responsible for expanding or modifying Amplify B2B Integration systems and software to ensure efficient, effective implementation, as well as systems integration.

As part of his job, Arjun performs testing, maintenance, and monitors the system tuning and diagnostics for Linux and Windows platforms.

Along with conducting meetings and presenting business proposals to various clients, he also coordinates with multiple internal stakeholders to define scope, milestones, strategies, and the schedule.

Arjun’s role has daily challenges. To overcome them, he always ensures a timely and appropriate response for delivery via regular communication. This allows the team to shine!

Arjun Warrier’s approach to the job

Years of experience have shaped Arjun into the person he is today: a responsible employee who never hesitates to take up any given task to ensure the projects move forward; no matter how short the notice is.

His kindness makes people around him at ease. Arjun always sees the best in everyone: in his team, the clients he works with, or in his friends.

A key skill for the position requires the patience to listen and understand the underlying requirements of the task at hand. 

“Efficient communication with stakeholders is an important key to approaching the work. This in turn helps to manage the workload on the technical front more easily. Once that is in place, the rest follows.”

With this perspective, keeping an open mind to learning, thereby constantly updating his skill set goes a long way.


For Arjun, his inspiration comes from the impact that Axway has over its customers on a day-to-day basis. For example, his current work includes a pharma wholesaler who has a significant presence in the US.

Primarily 70% of the customer’s order intake comprises medicines and vaccines — whether they are for infants or COVID-19 patients, the related equipment for hospitals and pharmacies are all handled through the Axway systems.

This gives him immense satisfaction knowing that he is contributing in a small way to saving lives. Arjun is proud to be a part of a group that impacts lives across many verticals like Federal, Automobiles, the Retail industry, just to name a few.

The best part of the job

Arjun’s answer was resounding — the team! Arjun knows that to be a part of a team, you need mutual respect with views, knowledge, and contributions. With these qualities, anyone can achieve unimaginable heights.

What do you like most about working at Axway?

For Arjun, Axway has given him the best workstation — his home! The fact that work is flexible provides stability in knowing that in case of an emergency, Arjun has the motivation to keep going.

The essence of having a strong work-life balance is just as essential as learning new technology that contributes to society. This allows Arjun to grow personally and professionally.

Career advice

Arjun feels one should approach any given task at hand with the passion to excel. By taking a genuine interest in the actual business needs, it provides the basis for the work to feel effortless. This shows in the quality of deliverables. The end game ultimately is when your stakeholders are happy.

Philosophy for life

As an Indian, the Sanskrit language is part of Arjun’s daily life. Through Vedas, shlokas, and not to mention, the teachings he received as a part of growing up with his grandparents have shaped who Arjun is as a person.

Arjun reflects on an ancient Sanskrit phrase that he learned when he was young, “Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.” This translates as:

 “May the entire world be happy and peaceful.”

Over the years, this very concept has been ingrained in Arjun. He truly believes that all beings, no matter where they are, what stage of life they are in, should be happy and free. He wants to contribute to the happiness and freedom of all through his thoughts, words, and actions.


Arjun and his wife are blessed with two wonderful boys. They love to spend quality time with their children, playing games, teaching them new things, as well as watching movies together.

Arjun’s favorite sport is cricket, and he never misses a chance to play the game. Additionally, long drives and deep conversations are always a part of his life.

Thank you, Arjun for the excellent knowledge and fortitude you bring to Axway.

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