Employee Spotlight: Alexandre Trin brings his passion for customer experience to Axway

Employee Spotlight: Alexandre Trin
Employee Spotlight: Alexandre Trin

Each month, we aim to present an Axway’s employee who is an inspiring example of commitment, achievement, journey, engagement, work ethics, or work investment.

This month, meet Alexandre Trin or Alex. Alex is a Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Axway and he is based in our Paris La Défense office.

As a CSM, Alex is a primary point of contact for Axway’s customers and as such, he not only has a great understanding of the customer but he is also proactive regarding customers’ needs, challenges and drivers. A CSM is key for the entire relationship with the customer, but it is also a very complex and complete role.

Alex hard at work.

How one becomes a Customer Success Manager?

Alex has been with Axway for the past 17 years and before becoming a Customer Success Manager, he has evolved as a project manager, Cloud Build, and Delivery manager.

Thanks to his experience through the years, Alex has a really solid understanding of customers’ challenges, pains, and solutions, as well as the importance to listen to the customers and work with them along the process. As a CSM, he focuses on Cloud Subscription customers, as well as strategic accounts.

In this role, Alex works diligently to make sure that Axway’s service is permanently aligned with his customer’s expectations. He thrives on achieving customers’ business outcomes with Axway’s services. Alex’s job spans a wide-range of engagements from the pre-sales phase through the subscription. Part of his job is to:

  • Coordinate with different teams the project handover to the customer (presales, project, delivery, go-live, escalation;
  • Meet monthly with the customer to review service usage, SLAs, and other topics that may vary from one month to another;
  • Elaborate a customer success plan with the customer’s objectives and an action plan to achieve them;
  • Evaluate regularly where the customer stands in its transformation and assist when additional needs come.

Alex’s approach to the job

 “If you want to provide the best service to a customer, you must understand his/her expectations.”

Alex works hard to obtain the best knowledge regarding what the customer wants. Every meeting or call with a customer is an opportunity to listen, ask questions about the current or future service, ensure that its technical or business needs are well understood.

Thanks to this skill, Alex becomes customer advocacy within Axway helping the operational teams to understand how our deliverables are impacting the customer’s business.

For example, recently Alex explained to an Integration Engineer that thanks to an advanced delivery to a customer, that customer was not blacklisted in trading with a partner.

Alex’s inspiration

Alex finds his inspiration in seeing how he can help the customer achieve its objectives. When someone is baffled and needs help, Alex always asks, “What I can help you with?” Then he strives to find an answer to the question and he always aims to speak directly with the customer to get to the heart of the matter.

The best part of the job

Alex is never in “standby mode”! As a CSM, he is always knowledgeable about what is happening with his customers. As the primary point of contact for a number of customers, he is frequently solicited by all teams. He provides and shares information to keep everyone updated.

He is always in interactions with customers or different teams at Axway that work to bring additional success to the customers. This is absolutely the best part of the job.

Alex’s personal advice

Being a CSM is a wide-ranging position and it involves a vast amount of activities. For Alex, it’s not purely a technical job, nor an Account Executive position. If your job aspirations are to become a CSM, Alex recommends starting out as an Engineer or Account Executive.

This is the case of the Axway CSM European team. This team is a mix of fascinating backgrounds and they all have one thing in common: they always share their different points of view. This specific point makes the team both open-minded and able to always listen to their customers.

For Alex, it’s important to have a strong work-life balance. It’s essential to have a good work ethic, as well as take time to spend with your family. Having a well-filled life is important to be efficient at work.

Alex’s downtime

For over four years, Alex has been an avid runner. He finds it helpful to clear his mind. Every year, Alex takes part in Odyssea with his Axway colleagues. As a charity race for breast cancer, it’s important to give back. Alex also ran his first marathon in October 2019. He will take part again next year in Paris.

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Further, Alex is a fan of DIY (Do It Yourself). Alex helped build his home seven years ago. Alex also finds the time to keep up with his work commitments and family. As the father of two children, he’s constantly busy.

Thank you, Alex, for all you do to bring an effective work ethic to Axway.

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