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Axway and the Phoenix Group customer success story

Axway and the Phoenix Group came together to bring about fantastic collaboration and another great customer success story via AMPLIFY B2Bi.

Facts about the Phoenix Group

  • They are the top number-one pharmaceutical wholesaler in 12 countries and are active in 25 countries.
  • Over 152 distribution centers.
  • Employs over 34,000 employees.
  • They have services for over 200 pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Own 2,059 pharmacies in 13 countries, as well as have around 136,000,000 patient contacts per year in pharmacies.

For starters, the Phoenix Group had some challenges to overcome. According to Reine Wester, Service Integration Manager at the Phoenix Group IT, “they had a large installation of a large platform suite which wasn’t working. This was according to expectations at the management level.” There simply were too many incidents and issues that were slowing the response time down.

When it came time to choose a vendor, according to Reine, “they did not look for an ESB. They looked for something to manage their B2B scenario.”

What the Phoenix Group needed was a solution that could manage the “B2B scenario and the hiccups to this flow.” This impacted their delivery capabilities.

Bottom line

Because the Phoenix Group is a logistics company, they needed to fulfill the bottom line. At the end of the day, if “the orders don’t come through in time, they will be late, which is unacceptable,” says Reine Wester.

Making a choice

For starters, when it came time to select a vendor to solve their challenges, the Phoenix Group started with Gartner and Forrester. The Phoenix Group felt that the vendor with the “top score” would be the one they choose.

Thanks to AMPLIFY B2Bi, the Phoenix Group “minimized the number of incidents they had since 2017.” In 2017, there were zero incidents. A big win for the Phoenix Group.

Why the Phoenix Group moved to AMPLIFY B2Bi

  • A centralized platform for the whole Phoenix Group
  • A complex solution in Oracle SOA Suite
  • Heavy focus on B2B
  • File and database-based integrations

Thanks to this newfound success, the Phoenix Group has increased “the trust of their teams to new levels.” They are now involved with more projects, “especially for an external porch.”

AMPLIFY B2Bi brought terrific collaboration to the Phoenix Group for a successful digital transformation experience. Read more about B2Bi here.

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