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Join Axway for APIdays in Paris on December 11-12, 2018

join Axway for APIdays

Axway brings great AMPLIFY API Management solutions to its customers worldwide. So, we are very happy to announce that Axway is a proud Silver Sponsor of APIdays in Paris, France. Be sure to join Axway for APIdays on December 11th and 12th for an informative conference you will never forget.

Join Axway for APIdays

APIdays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences on APIs and the programmable economy. The two-day conference gathers over 2,000+ worldwide API experts in the field around the latest roles of APIs, Microservices and Container technologies. This enables the digital society and business transformations for an APIs future.

Axway’s silver sponsorship includes

– One speaker slot

– One silver booth

– One meet up with the expert table

– One 50-minute workshop

Many speakers will be on hand to discuss different API topics. Axway’s very own Laura Heritage, Director Solution Management, API & Microservices will also be speaking at the event. Be sure to join David McKenna, SVP Engineering Management for his technical workshop: “Organized Chaos-API & Microservice Traffic Management.”

Workshop details

This workshop will focus on adopting microservice architecture promises to increase an organization’s agility. This brings about innovation by breaking software down into composable pieces, services, that are each developed separately and individually running via their own unique process with their own data.

APIs make these services communicate through various protocols from request-response to an event-based message. So, while this increases responsiveness, this does introduce disorder within your organization.

The workshop displays how you can inject organized chaos guided by natural laws into your development organization to unlock creativity, productivity and innovation.

Join us for this exciting workshop.

Day One

During this informational conference on day one, you will learn about the new API Stack. You will learn what IT and business managers need to understand having a successful digital transformation. Further, the business, regulatory and technical sides will also be discussed in detail for controlling your APIs in a safe and secure environment.

Day Two

Day two sees the challenges of the programmable economy covered in detail. You will learn how to adapt to software to humans, as well as making an inclusive space for education in dealing with APIs.

APIdays is a fantastic meeting place for all-things APIs related. You will meet and connect with thought leaders in the industry, all while learning about the new things happening in the API world.

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Click here to register and join Axway for airports and learn more about this wonderful networking opportunity.