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Axway accompanied Business France and President Macron to Warsaw, Poland

Axway accompanied Business France

Axway, as part of a special delegation of French companies, accompanied French President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to Warsaw, Poland for two days in early February to strengthen ties between the two countries and develop business opportunities.

The outcome was a French/Polish program of strategic collaboration that signed in the presence of President Macron, Polish President Mateusz Morawiecki, Foreign Ministers, Jacek Czaputowicz and Jacques-Yves Le-Drian.

This distinct program lets Axway forge a strong mark in the future development of its market share within Eastern Europe.

Business France is an important organization for France. They are responsible for the global advancement of French companies, international investments in France and the economic promotion of France worldwide.Axway’s Tristan Corsi, Senior Development Director, took part in this prestigious delegation to Poland for four concrete reasons:

  • Axway has a long and productive relationship with Business France due to the fact that Axway is a French company—this is a mandatory requirement.
  • Axway sells products and has sound alliances to bring to the marketplace. Axway is owned by French stakeholders. This, in the end, gives way for sound French business advancement on a universal scale.
  • Tristan Corsi’s background and strong relationships with the government bring years of wide-ranging contributions which make him the perfect complement for this delegation with Business France.
  • Additionally, Axway has important technology to sell! Axway is considered to be an exceptional leader in technology in a “niche” category.

Main objectives of the trip

  • To be able to organize B2B meetings between Tristan and future prospects that are not so easy to get access to.
  • To utilize the French flagship to gain further visibility in the marketplace. Axway is now building new businesses and assistance from Business France. Going forward is vital for future success.

This special envoy of business leaders with Business France was proposed to Axway to promote their services in different countries. Tristan previously organized the envoy with Business France and President Macron to China in November 2019.

Promotion of Axway

This important journey to Warsaw, Poland allows Axway to further its mission and services on a larger scale. When President Macron became the President of the Republic three years ago, he decided to create a logo called La French Tech. Since then, France has won many awards to further their presence on a far-reaching global scale.

Due to this initiative, Axway is able to collaborate with the French government to promote its products and organization in other countries where Axway doesn’t have subsidiaries or a strong presence. This facilitates Axway’s potential to further their opportunities and grow the business.

By promoting Axway abroad, access and collaboration are open to potential clients. At this time, Axway has over 11,000 clients, more than half are Tier 1 companies. To gain contact to further this initiative in Tristan’s region, Axway needs support from the French government to promote its mission.

Further insights

Further insights into this collaboration are based on what Axway is selling, the solutions they offer for integration, as well as the exchange of data between companies and organizations.

At the end of the day, exchanges must be secured due to sensitive data. This formidable collaboration with Business France allowed Tristan to meet with specific industries. To further Axway’s reach, this singular association with Business France is a wonderful and important collaboration.

Previously, Axway was part of a special presidential delegation of 17 French companies that accompanied President Macron to China. This trip allowed Axway to strengthen their ties in China and grow their customer base. Business France set up over 100 business meetings for Axway and the other companies which spanned nine different cities in China. (Watch the video for more information.)

Axway France looks forward to future alliances with Business France to strengthen its business ties abroad and grow potential business opportunities.

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