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IMAGINE SUMMIT Singapore 2019–welcome to sunny Sentosa

Have you ever found yourself on a  tropical island, sitting on the beach while watching a beautiful sunset and feel the sea breeze chill your face? That’s how we started this year’s Axway IMAGINE SUMMIT in Singapore. This year’s IMAGINE SUMMIT APAC offered a great blend of learning and fun for our customers, as well as our partners from all over southeast Asia. Most importantly, we had our Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, Vince Padua on hand to announce the major release of the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP).

Partners@IMAGINE SUMMIT: Better Together

We kickstarted the event on a sunny afternoon with our partners, most of them had already joined our previous years’ partner summit. As a company, it’s valuable for us to see familiar faces and continue our engagement. We also welcomed a few new partners. Likewise, we introduced them to Bill Kearney, the new APAC GM. Bill highlighted that partners are an essential part of our business. There is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying, “Two heads are better than one,” harnessing the strengths and abilities of others from different corners of the ecosystem than to scale up the innovation and solve complex challenges together.


Next, we had Ian Tan, Regional Director, Sales and Operations update what’s new in the Axway Advantage Program.

Later, we had our CTIO, Vince Padua on the stage showcase our newly released hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP) to partners and explained why HIP, why Axway and why now? Vince announced the new Axway HIP platform AMPLIFY back in March during IMAGINE SUMMIT Orlando in the U.S. It’s really a great opportunity to learn more about our platform and get to know why HIP and why go with Axway?

After, we had two sales enablement roundtable sessions on AMPLIFY API Management and AMPLIFY MFT animated by Axel, Mihir and Ian. They addressed the pain points and business challenges that they face in their market and what they see in our AMPLIFY solutions that can enhance their customer’s competitive advantages.

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Last, but not least, we had Rongrong Zhang and Laurel Martin who recently joined the APAC team on stage to share with us their approach on how to succeed together with partner marketing in the region through different partner enablement tools and various communication channels, plus a tailored joint go-to-market strategy.

Later that night, partners and the Axway team took a break from meetings and some customers also joined the barbecue networking evening, in a chill, relaxed environment, right at the Siloso Beach in Sentosa.

On Friday, Axway APAC GM, Bill Kearney, welcomed both our customers and partners. Then Axway Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Vince Padua, took the stage and showcased in more detail Axway’s AMPLIFY platform, “One platform, one experience, multiple integration patterns.” This also included a new Unified Catalog and iPaaS capabilities. Further, Vince did some live interactive polling during his session which allowed us to understand more details,

Following this part, we had an excellent guest speaker, Natalie Turner, founder and CEO of Entheo Network, author of Yes, you can innovate. She shared with us the Six ‘I’s® Of Innovation, how to harness diversity and build a culture that accelerates the deployment of new ideas. All the attendees also received a copy of her book.

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During the break, we had three demo booths for AMPLIFY API Management, MFT and for our sponsor This is where customers and partners can see some live demos of the solution and interact with our experts. We had a lot of traffic during the coffee tea break time.

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A panel of customers helped solidify the power of Axway’s technology, with Vince Padua moderating the discussion. Anup Kumar (SVP Business Technology Services, UOB), Joko Kurniawan (VP, IT Integration Solution Development, Bank BTPN)d and Michael Ang (VP Operations, DBS Bank) all shared real-life examples of how Axway helped with their technology goals.

Our CEO Patrick Donovan announced the acquisition of back at the IMAGINE SUMMIT event in Chantilly, France. With that, we were able to fly in Eric Horesnyi, the founder of to share his vision on the event-driven API approach and the importance it has with a hybrid integration platform. Gartner estimates that by 2020, “50% of organizations managing APIs will incorporate event-driven APIs in their architecture to address additional business cases.”

Followed by that, we had Tonia Roberts from talk about API Design Management. She explained how good design and design at scale is only possible with the right tools.

Afternoon session

The afternoon’s session was a break down into two rooms, where we addressed “What’s new & what’s next for both AMPLIFY API Management and MFT.” We also had the honor to have Joko Kurniawan, VP of IT Integration Solution Development, Bank BTPN in Indonesia on stage. He shared the business result of JENIUS from using Axway APIs. Joko also shared not only their business drivers and intent but also their architecture and stack to achieve their goals.

Right after, we also welcomed Denis Dorssers, Head of Architecture and Digital from UOB. He shared with us their digital transformation journey with Axway AMPLIFY, not only API Management but also B2Bi and Decision Insights.

Next, we had Uli Hitzel from the API Catalyst team deliver an awesome LIVE demo from the Griffin Innovation Lab. It showcases how users can interact with the systems we build using voice and chat, just by asking a simple question, “How much money have I spend this month,” then the system will pull the data out thanks to AMPLIFY APIs and then ask you back whether you need a loan. Moreover, you can easily store and sign your document using Syncplicity.

After all the presentations were completed, it was time to end the summit. We had a quiz challenge at the end with seven questions which you were inspired by the presentations throughout the two days. But the funniest question was definitely regarding the last name of Vince. Which one you think is correct? That’s a wrap, so much knowledge and insights were gained and a magnificent experience all around was had by all who attended.

The fun doesn’t stop here, stay tuned for our 2020 IMAGINE SUMMIT. See you next year.

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