Better Together: In technology, at work, and in the community

Last week I did something I’ve never done before: as part of the Axway band, the GRIFFTONES, we recorded a video for our original song, Better Together, on the roof of our corporate HQ in Phoenix, AZ. The full video will be released early September, but you can get a sense of the excitement of that morning from the clip above.

Yes, it was Phoenix in August and, yes, the temperature had already reached 86F (30C) when we were done filming! But it was a real thrill for the whole band to be on the roof of the tallest building in this area of Phoenix watching the sun rise over the McDowell mountains as we were playing our song.


And then upcoming on Saturday September 7th at 7:30pm at Seamus McCaffrey’s in central Phoenix there will be another first: the Grifftones will be playing a public concert, including playing Better Together live for the first time, at a charity fund-raising event for SOUNDS Academy, the fine organization that is receiving all the proceeds from the release of Better Together.

Better Together: In technology, at work, and in the community

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Better Together in technology

An enterprise software company like Axway can be a pretty techie kind of place, and having an in-house band comprised of employees from Sales, Services, R&D, and Administration, playing songs together has connected our teams across functions in a shared joy of music. And by expanding our connections to a charity whose mission is to provide musical experiences and opportunities for underserved youth has really caught the imagination of our employees.

What’s especially exciting is that what’s happening around the GRIFFTONES pretty much mirrors Axway’s corporate vision for its software and services, which is to empower organizations to better connect their systems, people, businesses, and digital ecosystems.

We are truly “better together,” both within Axway and in our outreach to the community. So, if you are in Phoenix on September 7th, do come downtown to Seamus McCaffrey’s to hear some great music and to contribute generously to SOUNDS Academy. See you there!

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Learn how Axway’s modern workplace is “Better Together.”


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