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Axway kicks off 2019 in Lisbon

Better Together. That was the theme of this year’s sales kickoff meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme referenced how Axway is better together with its customers, better together with its partners, and even better together when Sales and Marketing align. This theme was reflected throughout the whole agenda.

Better Together

“SKO this year was such a great event. It was fantastic to see the excitement of our team – together with Partners and Customers—to learn about the new capabilities of the AMPLIFY platform,” said Roland Royer, Axway’s Chief Customer Officer. “Together is definitely better!  Can’t wait to share more with even more customers and partners at the imagine summit in March!”

“We really needed to reinforce Axway strategy, and make sure that we are creating alignment across a shared vision of success,” said Gerard Sample, VP, Global CSO Operations for Axway. “If you think about how many salespeople are by themselves every day, it’s sometimes hard to propagate best practices and learn from one another. So, we really wanted to provide the time and the conditions to cross-pollinate.”

The objectives for sales kickoff was first and foremost to enable the sales team with the training and guidance that need to go have great customer conversations and deliver value. This was accomplished through the customary keynote presentations, but also–new this year–learning through really targeted small group working sessions that are hands-on. These hands-on sessions involved looking at demos, working through sales conversations, and really having a much more interactive experience.

Not only were the over 300 sales and other professionals attending exposed to Axway executives and subject matter experts but this year it included customers and partners. Customers were invited to speak on their success stories with Axway, as well as to share insights on how the company can improve.

“One of the things that’s important going forward, is a mentality shift towards, ‘look we are all in this together,’ and there is incumbent in all of us, the responsibility to work across lines, work across functions, work across silos, in a manner that allows us to AMPLIFY our impact on how we deliver customer success.”

So, while it may seem like Sales Kickoff was a one and done event, Sample assures us that this is just the beginning.

“By many accounts from participants, this was the best Sales Kickoff ever for Axway,” said Sample. “We will continue to reinforce and double down on making sure the sales team is well equipped to take forward our Hybrid Integration Platform strategy in 2019.”

Watch our video highlighting the sales team’s adventures in Lisbon.