Axway Bucharest decorates Christmas in style!

Axway Bucharest
Axway Bucharest

What does it take to win the Axway Global Christmas Decoration Contest? Sheer teamwork and fantastic creativity—that’s what! The Axway Bucharest office conquered the challenge and won with flying colors and a few stars to boot!


Axway Bucharest

With seven countries that participated in the contest, 14 Christmas trees that were decorated, nearly 1,000 decorations and 500 votes that were cast, Axway Bucharest in Romania took home the coveted prize of breakfast for the entire team.


With excellent Christmas cheer and a can-do spirit that was needed to succeed, so many colleagues gave their time and energy to go all out to put together the beautiful array of Christmas ornaments and decorations all around the Axway Bucharest office.

When you have a fantastic team collaboration working in tandem, it always yields amazing results. Congratulations to the Axway Bucharest office for their hard work and astonishing efforts. Seeing is believing! Santa Claus would be very proud!

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