API Development

Prepare your Apps for Appcelerator End of Support

changes to Application Development Services

As a follow up to our End of Support announcement last month, we’d like to share some additional details that will help you in preparing for the End of Support.

Deleting Accounts

If you have a subscription that uses online billing and payment, then you can cancel your subscription online and delete your account. To delete the account please follow these steps:

  1. Visit https://billing.axway.com/
  2. Click on the Delete icon button next to your subscription.


  1. You will be asked to confirm deletion of the account and the subscription. If you do not want to delete the account but only want to cancel the subscription, then please uncheck the check box next to “Permanently delete your organization” and continue.

If you choose to delete your organization then the Appcelerator CLI (Command Line Interface) and Appcelerator Studio cannot be used to build your applications. Deletion is recommended only after you have switched to using the Titanium CLI for your application builds as it does not require a platform login. If you bought your subscription through direct sales, please contact the renewals team for cancellation and deletion of accounts.

Geolocation API

With the SDK version 9.3.3 release, the geolocation APIs Ti.Geolocation.forwardGeocoder() and Ti.Geolocation.reverseGeocoder() have been updated to use the geocoding information provided by the device. Applications that use these APIs must be updated to use SDK 9.3.3. After the End of Support date (March 1,2022), applications using the older version of these APIs that depend on the geolocation API end point hosted by us will fail to return a valid geocode.

Remote Encryption Policy

If your application uses the remote key encryption policy, then new installations of the application after the End of Support date will not launch on the device, as the remote key server will be unavailable and will not return a decrypt key.  Applications that were installed and used on devices prior to March 1,2022 will continue to function normally without any issues. To ensure new installations of the application are not affected after the end of support date, please remove the following property in your tiapp.xml, rebuild and distribute an update to your application.

<property name="appc-sourcecode-encryption-policy">remote</property>

Analytics Settings

Since the Analytics service will be stopped after March 1, 2022, we recommend that you remove the use of analytics in your applications. Applications with the analytics settings set to true will not fail after the End of Support date, however we recommend you update this setting as a best practice guideline. Update the following tiapp.xml properties to remove the use of usage and crash analytics feature in your application.
Set analytics to false.


Remove the aca module from the tiapp.xml by removing the following entry

<modules><module platform="android">com.appcelerator.aca</module></modules>

After you update these settings, rebuild and distribute your application.

Module Source Code Status

Module source code will be either retired or made available in the public repository depending on the need for future use of the Titanium SDK. The following table describes the module source availability.

ModuleSource Code Status after March 1,2022
Crash Module (aca)Retired
Bluetooth ModulesPublic Access
Hyperloop ModulePublic Access
SQLite Database EncryptionPublic Access
Appcelerator Crypto ModulePublic Access
Appcelerator HTTPSPublic Access
Appcelerator LDAPPublic Access
APS SDKRetired


Please watch the Appcelerator Modules GitHub repository for updates on the availability of the source code for public access.

Mobile Backend Services

As announced earlier, API calls to Axway Mobile Backend Services will fail after September 1,2022.  Applications using Axway’s Mobile Backend Services must migrate to a different mobile backend service to avoid any disruption after September 1,2022.  Axway Mobile Backend Service will be shut down September 1,2022.