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Announcing Open-Source Release of Axway Griffin App and API!

Open-Source Release of Axway Griffin App and API!

We at Axway are excited to announce that we are open-sourcing the code for the Axway Griffin App and API!

Using our AMPLIFY platform to quickly create a solution for our employees was a fantastic experience and we want to share that with the rest of the world!

Read more about the Axway Griffin App here or jump right to the Griffin App GitHub repo to take a look at the code!

Transitioning your team back into the workplace safely can be challenging and complex but creating a cross-platform native mobile app and APIs doesn’t have to be!

Here are just some features we included in the Griffin App and API:

  • 📅   Built-in calendar for easy scheduling and coordinating in-office hours among teams
  • 🔍   30-day view of upcoming office capacity levels
  • 🏙   Support for multiple office locations, each with different office hour policies and capacity limits
  • 📈   Analytics dashboard for HR or other privileged users to view office traffic trends and set policies/limits for each office location
  • 🎨   Easy customization for your logos, colors, and branding
  • 🔒   App and APIs secured by OAuth SSO
  • 🚀   Native iOS and Android cross-platform support (thanks to the wonderful team behind Axway Titanium)
  • 🔥   And more! See the blog post describing features in more detail!

Learn more about the AMPLIFY Platform and the capabilities involved!

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View the source code from GitHub to get started today!