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Appcelerator Ties for Highest Market Presence Score in Mobile Infrastructure Services Report

A little over a year ago, our co-founder Nolan Wright wrote a blog entitled MADP Revisited: How The Mobile Landscape is Evolving. At issue was the way the “MADP” (Mobile App Development Platforms) marketspace had traditionally emphasized front-end development to the exclusion of almost everything else. He points approvingly to Forrester Research’s broader concept of “mobile infrastructure services,” which, in their words, encompasses “BaaS, MAM, analytics, secure mobile data lockers, and other previously discrete mobile services.”1

Flash forward to the present, and Forrester Research, Inc. has just published the results of “The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Infrastructure Services (MIS), Q3 2015.” There are two reasons we’re excited for this report. First, we believe it’s further validation of what we’ve said since we launched the Appcelerator Platform: that mobility, properly considered, requires a comprehensive set of services—cross-platform native app development, yes, but also the means to rapidly mobilize backend data, as well as things like authentication and analytics.

The second reason we’re excited is that the report shows Appcelerator tied for the largest market presence score of all vendors evaluated!

So, how’d we get there?

Well, as the report says, “Appcelerator’s strength is driven by a vibrant history within the mobile development community. Many are aware of the Titanium development studio and multi-platform development tool.” Titanium of course was recently joined by Arrow, which we conceived of as “Titanium for the backend.” Just as Titanium gives you a single, open language (JavaScript) to unify all your front-end development, Arrow lets you use the same, single language to quickly mobilize your backend data. As the report puts it, “Working with [the Titanium] development community allowed [Appcelerator] to identify common front-end needs for back-end services.”

Exactly right. Mobile developers are driven by one overriding goal: to create great app experiences, quickly. All of our investments in Arrow are about simplifying or abstracting away the complexity of the underlying backend “plumbing,” so that developers and companies can stay focused on creating the best, most transformative experiences possible.

The Forrester Wave™ report included Appcelerator among its ‘Strong Performer’ MIS vendors who “would be well suited to act as the centerpiece of nearly all enterprise mobility solutions.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You can grab a complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Infrastructure Services, Q3 2015 Report.

1“Brief: Services Supplant Mobile Middleware.” Forrester Research. February 27, 2014.