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More for Everyone!

It’s yet another great day to be a Titanium developer. Effective immediately, we are adding to the products and services available to our community and subscribers.

Mobile Debugging and a Full Training Program Now Available for Everyone

  • Titanium Mobile Debugging — This is HUGE! Now everyone can speed and simplify their mobile debugging after completing an in-product upgrade to Titanium Studio 1.0.2 (also now available).
  • “Building Native Mobile Apps” On-demand Training SeriesTen videos with six hours of instruction on mobile application development with Titanium are now available to the entire community.

More Value Keeps Coming For Subscribers

  • Expanded Library of Titanium+Plus ModulesWe’ve more than doubled the portfolio of Titanium+Plus modules by adding new utility, gaming, and advertising modules. We’ve also updated several previously released modules and expanded the titles available on Android.
  • New “Advanced Titanium Mobile Development” Training Class (live available now; on-demand coming late Q3) — Check out the syllabus of our recently developed advanced training class. Pro subscribers can use their classroom training discounts to attend classes in August or later. An on-demand version (available in late Q3 2011) will be available as part of everyone’s annual subscription.

Read on for more details about the new capabilities.

Titanium Studio and Mobile Debugging

Titanium Studio is Appcelerator’s new enterprise-grade IDE built on Aptana Studio. Together with Titanium Mobile, Titanium Desktop and your knowledge of open web technologies, the Titanium Platform enables you to rapidly create compelling native apps across multiple mobiles, tablets, desktop and web platforms.

If you’ve already downloaded Titanium Studio, an update will be waiting for you the next time you log in. If you haven’t downloaded Titanium Studio…what are you waiting for? Download Titanium Studio today. You’ll gain granular control of debugging mobile apps by:

  • Setting breakpoints and breakpoint conditions
  • Evaluating your apps using the debug perspective
  • Examining the call stack
  • Expanding and modifying variables while suspended
  • Controlling app execution in the simulator with resume, step over, and step into

Titanium Mobile debugging works with Titanium Mobile 1.7 or later on iOS, Android and BlackBerry (available to subscribers via Early Access).

“Building Native Mobile Apps” On-demand Training

“Building Native Mobile Apps with Titanium” is the foundational training series for Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD) certification and a great comprehensive introduction to the Titanium Mobile SDK. In this training series, key Titanium APIs will be explored as we learn to develop maintainable cross-platform JavaScript applications. Bootstrap yourself quickly with the skills you’ll need to address the most common use cases in mobile application development.

Click over and start learning now. This course is now available to everyone!

Expanded Titanium Plus Offerings

Titanium+Plus is our family of premium modular extensions to the core Titanium Mobile SDK. Introduced earlier this year, many of you have enriched your applications with Titanium+Plus modules for barcode scanning, integration with Paypal for in-app purchases and push notifications with Urban Airship. Today, we’re releasing eight new Titanium+Plus modules, which are available to all subscribers:

  1. AirPrint (iOS) — Enable printing to an AirPrint-supported printer without having to install a driver or configure the printer queue.
  2. Charts (iOS)– Visualize tabular data through vertical columns, horizontal bars, lines and pies with only a few lines of code.
  3. Compression (iOS) — Create compressed zip archives to reduce storage requirements. Supports both zip and unzip.
  4. QuickLook (iOS) — Access Apple’s QuickLook functionality, including the rendering of PDF and other file formats, from within iOS apps.
  5. Game Kit (iOS) — Add social gaming services to your Titanium Apps by integrating with Apple’s Game Center social gaming network through the Game Kit API.
  6. OpenGL (iOS) — Power games, virtual reality, and visualization with OpenGL, or Open Graphics Language, gives developers an open, JavaScript API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics.
  7. DoubleClick for Publishers (iOS) — Place premium ads in your Titanium applications from Google’s DoubleClick network.
  8. Greystripe (iOS) — Place premium ads in your Titanium applications from Greystripe’s RevMax Ad Platform.

…and expanding and updating five previously released modules:

  1. Bump (new for Android) — Users can share information by just bumping their phones together.
  2. Barcode Reader (new for Android, updated on iOS) — Use camera hardware to scan bar and QR codes.
  3. Magtek Credit Card Reader (updated on iOS) — Swipe credit cards and take payments with Magtek’s iDynamo credit card reader accessory
  4. Paypal Mobile Payments (updated on Android) — Tap into PayPal’s 90 million-plus users worldwide by letting them conduct transactions through your mobile app
  5. Urban Airship (updated on Android) — Send push notifications via Urban Airship to your customer’s phone, even when your app isn’t open

Check out one or more of the videos to see OpenLook, Charts, OpenGL, Paypal commerce, and Box-2D (available as open-source) functionality in use in mobile apps after integrating Titanium+Plus modules with just a few lines of code:

Haven’t tried Titanium+Plus modules yet? Sign up for a 30-day trial of Titanium Indie and get access to all Titanium+Plus modules. And if you want Titanium+Plus modules and premium support from Appcelerator backed by a 2-day response time SLA, Titanium Professional is for you.

New “Advanced Titanium Mobile Development” Training Class

The Advanced Titanium Mobile Development course is intended to give developers a deeper understanding of the Titanium Mobile platform. Learn advanced techniques and best practices to build attractive and best of breed mobile applications using both a wide range of cross-platform and platform-specific device APIs.

Review the syllabus or register for the August 18-19 classroom delivery of “Advanced Titanium Mobile Development.” A video-on-demand version of the same class is coming in late Q3 2011 and will be immediate as part of annual subscriptions to Titanium Indie, Professional and Enterprise. Community members can purchase the on-demand training series for $595.