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Introducing the Axway Developer Blog

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Developer Blog!

Don’t worry, you can still access all of our existing blogs from appcelerator.com. But, now, they are in a new home. You will have more categories to choose from to learn more about all aspects of our AMPLIFY platform. Plus, it sports a new look!


In each category, you will find applicable product updates, tutorials, tech tips, developer and customer spotlights, and more about the topic. And, the Dev Insights category is where we muse about more general developer-related items and, to be honest, holds whatever doesn’t fit neatly in the other categories!


We did some spring cleaning and tidied up our tags. We tagged each blog with relevant tags, which you can find at the bottom of the blog. Click on a tag to see all related blogs. Plus, we have some tag clouds showing the most used tags.


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  • Integration: – Earlier this month, Axway announced the next major release of the AMPLIFY platform including the General Availability of Axway’s iPaaS solution – AMPLIFY Application Integration – to simplify building and deploying application integrations. This subscription option will keep you informed of new blogs related to iPaaS and our Hybrid Integration Platform.
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RSS Feed

If you subscribe to the RSS feed for the Appcelerator/AMPLIFY blog currently, we are redirecting it. However, we’ve learned that this doesn’t always work. So, you might need to manually change the feed URL as follows:

CHANGE https://www.appcelerator.com/blog/feed/

TO https://blog.axway.com/feed/

Please take a minute to make the change before you forget and miss awesome, helpful, informative content!

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Anything else?

If you have bookmarked your favorite blog posts, they will be redirected to the new URL. But, if you have any issues, please leave us a comment.

We hope you will visit our new blog often. This blog is for you. We may tweak a few things in the coming weeks as we get feedback from you. So, please let us know if you have any issues or if there are any other blog features or topics you’d like to see!