API Development

Featured Module — SwifTi

The August featured module by Kosso is an awesome demo of the power of using native modules written with Swift.

As Kosso describes it:

“A test Titanium iOS module built with Swift. Just for learning how to build them and use UIViews and custom stuff.. etc.

This is just a test/example module I’m build as I learn to build Titanium iOS app modules using Swift instead of Objective-C.

It demonstrates how to communicate with the module (and its view) from within the app.”

Previously Titanium developers wanting to extend the functionality of Titanium apps had to write native modules with Objective-C or use Hyperloop and JavaScript.

Now, they can use Swift! And Kosso includes instructions on using the module. All source code is available in the https://github.com/kosso/SwifTi

Awesome work!

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