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Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY, Part 1: Custom Templates 

These days, have you been wondering what it actually takes to create and launch custom integrations between your apps and external cloud services using AMPLIFY Application Integration, Axway’s iPaaS offering? Well, the answer is clear! It’s very easy with the help from our team of skilled integration specialists and our video series that includes tips for how to create and launch custom API connectors. READ MORE: Be in the know about the AMPLIFY platform! Discover the article, AMPLIFY platform—it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here by Bas Van den berg.

Custom integrations

The AMPLIFY platform contains more than 170 pre-built integrations with popular cloud services like Slack, Salesforce and more. Furthermore, it also contains tools that make it easy for developers to modernize their legacy applications with custom API integrations. 

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To get you started on your journey, check out the first exciting short video in our four-part series to learn how to create a custom connector template. You’ll learn all about: 

  • Options to create a custom connector
  • How to create a connector from a Swagger document
  • How to add parameters to the custom connector 

Whatever custom integrations that you can dream up these days, it’s easy to build them out with the AMPLIFY platform at your fingertips. Also, be sure not to miss out on the following demos in this compelling video series: 

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