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Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

We are happy to announce a new version of the Axway Appcelerator Dashboard. The release introduces several updates and the following features:

  • Dashboard access to App Preview
  • Query Builder Technology Preview
  • Quick Start guidance

Check out the release notes for the full list of changes made in version 4.13.0.

Dashboard Access to App Preview

App Preview, which is available for Pro and Enterprise organizations, provides the ability to distribute different versions of your application to testers and stakeholders reviewing the app. Previously, this capability was accessible only from Axway Appcelerator Studio. Now, App Preview functionality is also available via the dashboard.

When you navigate into your mobile application menu options in the dashboard, you can find the App Preview menu in the left hand nav as shown below.

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

The App Preview menu opens an app upload flow that guides you to upload the app and make it available to a selected list of users.

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

Invite Users

You can easily invite testers to try the beta or test version of the app.

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

After the app is uploaded, the App Preview feature also provides an anonymous download link for the app, which can be shared with multiple users through email.

Query Builder Technology Preview

Query Builder, which is available to Pro and Enterprise organizations, is available in technology preview mode through the dashboard. Features are introduced in technology preview mode to gather feedback during the development process. Thus, features in technology preview mode are subject to changes, and support is not available for them.

Query Builder helps to create queries against the analytics data collected from your mobile app. Some of the capabilities of Query Builder include:

  • Default filters for OS platform, device model, OS version, country and deployment mode
  • Query for specific features or properties set against specific events in the app
  • Share the query publicly to all users in the organization
  • Build funnels based on the feature events configured in the app
  • Set up notifications to alert when a particular query count is below or above a preset threshold

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

Query Builder is accessible through the Analytics menu in the Dashboard as shown above.


To create a query, click on the + icon and select the “Build a Query” menu option. You should launch the query builder from the app against which you want the queries to run.


The Query Builder screen provides the option to select an app, and choose the feature events defined for the app. By default, even when feature events are not set up for an app, it is possible to run queries against default filters such as OS platforms, OS versions, etc.

The sample chart below displays the results of a query that tracks the count of the app usage in the iOS platform during the past 7 days.

Axway Appcelerator Dashboard Updates

Notifications can be set up for saved queries and sent via email. Or, the query results can be set up to be sent to a url for display in a web page.


Quick Start Guidance

The main navigation menu (dropdown at top left corner) now provides a Quick Start option that provides users with the relevant downloads plus instructions to get started with building apps or building APIs with the Axway Appcelerator Mobile solution.