Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Not your grandpa’s MFT, a vlog series

Not your grandpa’s MFT, a vlog series

In a world where short attention spans are drawn by the latest thing that glitters, we rarely pause to consider the workhorses that make our digital world go round. Well, we want to change that. Managed File Transfer powers mission-critical business around the world, every minute of every day. But not everyone wants to get into the MFT weeds with us – and many of them are more excited about the latest cool tech kids on the block.

That’s fine, we get it. But in today’s data-driven world, people still need to transfer data and files securely. And when it all comes crashing down because no one wanted to invest in maintaining and improving infrastructure, who are they going to blame? That’s right, MFT.

Not to mention, today’s MFT solutions have undergone significant evolutions since their early days. There’s a lot to discover. In this six-part vlog series, I’ll share MFT pep talks in short & sweet, straight-to-the-point live vlogs. Expect about 20 minutes with some open Q&A at the end.

Starting in November, join me to learn how MFT helps you keep the lights on, why it’s time to get out of the risk management business, and why the MFT of the future is definitely not your grandpa’s MFT.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming topics:

(this post will be updated as episodes become available)

Episode 1: So, you’re moving to the cloud. Are your files? First off, “lift and shift” doesn’t work, so please don’t fall for it. Beyond that, while cloud adoption is essential to your digital transformation, the real opportunity lies in transforming and optimizing your MFT operations in the process.

Read a recap here and learn about the best long-term strategy for MFT cloud migration.

Episode 2: So, you moved to the cloud. Are you transforming service delivery? If moving to the cloud doesn’t create human resource efficiencies or team efficiencies, you’re not winning.

Episode 3: Do your MFT teams really want to stay in the risk management business? Or in other words, do you know what is flowing through your pipes and how much money it would it cost if it were to suddenly stop?

Episode 4: Multi-cloud Madness Where are you going, where have you been, and how do multiple clouds and your enterprise tools combine to offer business value? If any of these questions are being discussed in your organization, carve out a few minutes to get some perspective and gain insights on new ways to plan, prioritize and act.


Sound like a plan? There’s so much more you can do – and should be doing – with your MFT. What’s more, MFT can do a whole lot more for you. Register below and join me as we tackle these topics and more on November 2nd.

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