EDI and B2B Integration Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Trust proven experts in a shifting B2B market

Trust proven experts in a shifting B2B market

One player in the B2B market, Progress (formerly Ipswitch) recently announced they will be discontinuing their MessageWay product effective May 31, 2024. Progress adds it will continue to support MessageWay and will only provide critical fixes as needed up until the EOL date. The provider has been encouraging customers to migrate to MoveIt, an MFT-focused solution. 

Is your existing B2B or MFT solution still serving you best? 

The B2B market is constantly in flux. We frequently see new vendors appear, or existing ones changing their focus. Add to that shifting labor forces – between the Great Resignation, aging workforce, and labor shortages – and of course the ever-increasing digital acceleration of an always-on world.  

What does the MessageWay End of Life mean for existing customers and the industry as a whole?  

Just because technologies like MFT and EDI/B2B are well-established doesn’t make them obsolete. That means many customers facing EOS (End of Support) – such as those affected by MessageWay being discontinued – will continue to use B2B integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions, evolving and modernizing their infrastructure to satisfy growing market needs.  

MFT and EDI/B2B integration are still essential 

APIs can come along to partner and integrate with your B2B ecosystem. Technologies like MFT and EDI/B2B integration are mission-critical for many organizations. 

Naturally, at Axway we are big believers in the power of APIs to transform pretty much everything. But integrating existing processes with APIs can make an even more profound change in your business adaptability.  

 At Axway, here’s what our customers often tell us they need: 

  • Cloud first, resilient, and business agile B2B and MFT solutions, 
  • Peace-of-mind transfer of large files, either single file or multi-file transfer, with full visibility and control, 
  • Smart analytics and better self-service capabilities for business users, 
  • Streamlining traditional EDI and modern API-driven processes, convergency with modern cloud-based ERP and partner ecosystems. 

This is where our focus is. When it comes to MFT, we have a proven track record, securely managing file transfers for more than two decades. And with an expert in B2B integration, you get the skill and support for the latest EDI industry requirements. We’re quite literally setting the industry standard for AS4, just as we served as a major contributor/author for previous standards including AS2, OFTP2, and SSL. 

Work with a proven partner 

Just look at how we’ve helped OneHealthPort, Washington State’s Health Information Exchange (HIE), elevate its B2B integration to the cloud and solve information workflow problems across multiple healthcare organizations. 

Or how RailInc, a critical component of U.S. transportation infrastructure, relies on Axway MFT to ensure stores can stock their shelves with household essentials – reliably and securely processing some 450,000 customer transfers per day. 

On the Axway B2B Integration platform, healthcare supplier Cencora delivers vital medical products on time with always-on trading partner integration. And business insights group Dun & Bradstreet transfers some 40TB of data each month, with central visibility of transfers across the enterprise as well as stronger governance for other data flows. 

At Axway, we’re constantly improving our capabilities, rolling out new features for our Axway B2B Integration Platform and Axway Managed File Transfer, working together with customers on their needs for today and tomorrow. 

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