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Cisco-ready? Work, share and collaborate securely


Cybersecurity is a key topic in every industry and technology sector today. With this said, the number of cyber attacks increases each year, month and day. Ask yourself, are you Cisco-ready? In the last five years, cyber attacks against enterprise businesses in all business sectors and size have grown at alarming rates. For example, large enterprise businesses have seen a 35% increase in cyber intrusion in 2015 alone[1]. The top five sectors at risk, according to the Symantec 2015 report, are services, finance, public administration, wholesale trade and retail[2].

Why is this happening?

Well, simply put, innovation in malware and attack techniques is outpacing innovation in DevOps and enterprise software. At Axway, we are helping to change that by offering new techniques and infrastructure that support large enterprise software developers and IT operations alike. By taking a multi-faceted approach, Axway is leading innovation surrounding the way enterprises manage and share data by offering diverse security functions for Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions.

By offering a combination of central governance features for increased visibility and control, user interface features for folder synchronization, whitelists for user rights control and an overall CISO-ready package, AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer (MFT) is helping stipend cyber attacks and lower operational risks for large enterprise across all high-risk vertical markets. Here are some capabilities how:

Folder synchronization

People often don’t think of folder synchronization as a security feature. However, with the respect to user experience (UX) and visibility, a clear way of working together between relevant users is more than just convenient but critically important to identifying anomalous activity in your network. In this way, quick and accurate folder synchronization adds the clarity and visibility that collaborative working environments require to be safe and secure.

Additionally, an MFT platform that places an emphasis on great folder synchronization functionality is a wonderful preventative measure for an enterprise because it reduces the motivation for employees to rely on shadow IT applications. By making the collaborative effort of large enterprise easier, you make it safer by keeping everyone, and everything, within your private enterprise network. See what great collaboration looks like here.

The Whitelist

Sometimes the best security is achieved by simply not letting the potential threats into the door in the first place. In cybersecurity, this principle isn’t entirely different.

By empowering the administrator (IT Operations) with the power to designate and enforce strict user rights, security intrusion can be stopped before it ever had a chance. The enforcement and central management of such rights from a central administrator are called a “whitelist.” More specifically, a whitelist is a register of user entities granted particular user rights, access and recognition onto a software platform. For enterprise operations, robust whitelist functionality is imperative to securely coordinating interoffice and department usability.

At Axway, we have placed an emphasis on giving IT operations and IT architects the power to create their specific whitelists so that we can empower their enterprise with the specific controls and rights that their specific enterprise needs. Whether it be banking, healthcare or logistics, the concerns over regulation are always changing. With this in mind, the need for rules, rights and access must also adapt. Learn what makes Axway MFT whitelist different.

Are you CISO-ready?

Your file transfers are exposed to security problems and threats from many angles. Ask yourself these questions to find out if your organization’s file transfer platform is CISO-ready:

  • Are your file transfers internally and externally secured (TLS)?
  • Is your current file transfer solution still relying on SHA-1?
  • Are your transferred files secured at rest?
  • How are the rights on transferred files managed?
  • How do you manage certificates on each of your file transfer components?
  • How do you manage file sharing and exchanges between end nodes?
  • How do you manage delegation of administration, fine or coarse grain?
  • Are you managing whitelist for your partners?

Learn more about Axway’s security here.

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