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What is an Application Gateway?

Application Gateway

An Application Gateway is the backdrop and protection factor that gives your network real security over network traffic. By screening and filtering out traffic that comes in, it can block admittance to sources of restricted networks to suspicious users over the internet. This provides a strong barrier of protection at your disposal.

Application Gateway background

With an Application Gateway in place, you have complete protection to safeguard your network system. What is the real purpose and why do you really need one? For starters, customers make requests for resources from databases where they need to connect to the server. This entails the customer to go even one step further to get to the main server. The Application Gateway inhabits the server’s firewall. By keeping their IP addresses and other sensitive information secure, this protects the client’s data for safekeeping.

The Application Gateway and exterior computer function without a client’s information or knowledge of the IP address. The reality is that you have two types of connections going on at the same time: one exists between the customer and the server. And the second exists between the server and the final endpoint.

When everything is connected in a proper manner, the result is that the server makes the final call. This is because computers that exist behind the firewall are truly protected.

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Benefits are abundant. Thanks to their filtering capabilities, you have the same outcome as a firewall. Additionally, it helps to keep information hidden from the network, and the authentication feature is supported to the full extent of protection necessary.

The Application Gateway gives the user a thorough itinerary of log-in traffic that details what goes in and out of the network. When you break down this ability, you now have a complete record that can show any nefarious attempts at hacking into the network. Without this beneficial feature, it’s complicated to decipher how or when someone made a break-in attempt without the Application Gateway in place.

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With pluses come minuses. An Application Gateway can have a slower effect than a packet filter. Also, going one step further, not every available connection can support this type of technology leading to a less effective outcome. At the end of the day, having an Application Gateway far outweighs not having one for your enterprise.

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