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API security with AI (Artificial Intelligence)–Webinar

api security and artificial intelligence

I’m sure you have noticed how big the topic of API security with AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become worldwide over the past year. This simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems is impacting every industry. Some people are even worried about the future of humanity when we talk about robots cleaning our houses, communicating with our fridge to order missing food stuff, doing homework with our kids… But, AI is not only about robots helping humans in daily tasks. AI is a huge opportunity for digital business, and especially when it comes to API Management strategies.

To dive into this topic, check out Axway webinar discussing how to protect your APIs against cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence.

APIs vulnerability

Today’s data-driven organizations rely on APIs as they became the dominant method for interfacing digital assets to internal and external systems. With the massive usage of APIs and the exposure of private and confidential data, companies are becoming more and more targets of sophisticated cyberattacks. These cyberattacks include brute force attacks on login systems, data theft, account takeover, and certain types of API DoS/DDoS attacks. We all remember Instagram’s API flaw that happened in summer 2017 having for objective to steal information from verified users. Instagram confirmed that the hackers managed to obtain e-mail addresses and phone numbers of some prominent users by exploiting a bug in the app’s API.

API security with AI: detecting hacking thanks to Artificial Intelligence

In order to face those new threats, classical API security approaches especially based on access control are insufficient. Here is where AI comes up as an API security hero! Do you realize that an AI engine integration into API platforms can automatically detect and block new cyberattacks on APIs? This is absolutely the case thanks to an API Behavioral Security put in place by Elastic Beam, Axway’s technology partner.

Axway has built a strong partnership with ElasticBeam to enhance its Axway AMPLIFY API Management solution and the security capabilities integration brings to our customers. Here are some key benefits of our joined solution:

  • Complete visibility into new API attacks via dashboards and reports
  • Blocking cyberattacks across multi-cloud environments
  • AI-based, deep API traffic inspection for threat identification and blocking
  • Deception environment to instantly trap hackers and block access
  • Complete visibility into new API attacks via dashboards and reports

Want to learn more about API security powered by Artificial Intelligence engine? Check out the Axway webinar discussing how to protect your APIs against cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence.