Proxy and Gateway

Why you need an API Gateway and security


When you talk about API Gateway and security, the two go hand in hand. Why? Because an API Gateway by definition is the programming that sits in front of an API. With this idea comes true security that is needed to go with your API Gateway. The most concrete notion to take away is that API Gateways are “API proxies that are put between the API Provider and the Consumer.” They are responsible for different tasks and security is one of them.

You can’t have one without the other

Let’s be clear! You can’t have one without the other—that being security and an API Gateway. The most obvious function of security and an API Gateway is to protect APIs at all costs—bar none! When you modernize your API strategy, you allow for a better-streamlined plan of attack in place. When broken down, the API Gateway’s role in security is access and identity. Access management is a strong security driver for an API Gateway. This function serves as a bodyguard of sorts for your API, so you can handle full-on demands. It aids in different roles from policies to payments to name a few. Access management further involves authentication. This is a necessary step in the security of your API.

Access management is the top security influence for API Gateway technology, it serves as an administrator of sorts, so an organization can manage who has access to an API and establishes the rules around how requests are conducted. Further, having identity measures in place allows for more protection to secure your API.

Security measures for an API Gateway

An API Gateway is an excellent system to have in place for routing all API traffic through a single funnel. When your traffic is funneled through an API Gateway, security is at your fingertips. It also secures your internal measures to make sure you have a greater overview of your security measures.

Safety in numbers

When talking about security and an API Gateway, keep in mind that security is a top-tier must-have for an organization to make certain that their APIs are secure and not compromised. Once compromised, you have a huge problem on your hands. Nowadays corporations are stockpiling their own APIs, but they don’t have the wherewithal to secure them. Clearly, having an API Gateway in place helps to alleviate your API security concerns.

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