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What enterprise API strategy questions are you grappling with? Come learn from experts

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Here at Axway, we have an exceptional product with the Amplify API Management Platform. But we know a platform alone does not solve all your problems. When it comes to APIs, getting the implementation and strategy right are just as essential as having a robust API management platform. And because of our Open Everything vision, we want to help everyone get enterprise API strategy right.

Introducing the API Talks webinar series

Whether or not you use Amplify, you likely have many of the same questions we hear frequently:

  • What should I be doing to better secure our APIs?
  • How do we get more people to use our APIs?
  • I’m not sure if our API investments are making a difference, how can I measure business results?

We’re lucky to work with some of the best API experts in the business, and have launched a new educational webinar series where they answer your most pressing enterprise API strategy questions and more.

Upcoming enterprise API strategy webinar topics

We know there is a need for more knowledge on enterprise API strategy-related topics because we’re already getting a lot of interest in our latest webinar series – there is clearly a hunger for more.

Here’s a look at some of the topics we’ve already covered and what’s coming up next.

Earlier this summer, Axway Catalyst Erik Wilde shared 5 good practices for your APIs. A published author and PhD, Erik has quite literally written the book on APIs – more than once. As a Catalyst, his main focus is on the strategic and programmatic side of things: he discusses how to get from the general goal and vision of digital transformation to a functioning and productive API landscape.

Register to watch the “5 good practices for your APIs” webinar on demand.

Next up this month is a chat about API security. Join William McKinney, Axway Sr. Director, Product and Solutions Marketing, to learn how hackers have evolved, and your need to do so as well.

Stop relegating security to your gateway, your security team, or some testing software. We will discuss:

  • The speed and frequency of cyberattacks and how they are changing
  • Why security must be part of the API development equation right from the start
  • How to deal with unmanaged APIs that you don’t even know about today

Register now to join us for “Hackers have evolved, has your API Security?” on August 25th.

API Talks later this year include:

If you can’t wait until the end of the year, the following articles make for some great reading on delivering business results with your APIs and enterprise API strategy in general in the meantime:

Your APIs should solve a pain point – not become one

Stop tinkering with APIs and start delivering secure business outcomes

APIs need a business vision to drive value

Expanding the online catalog of enterprise API strategy knowledge

Our experts, Catalysts, and consultants have a lot of great insights to offer. That’s why at Axway, we like to look at solution delivery as a journey with our customers. Our defined approach allows for a tailored experience.

Beyond that, we want to help educate everyone in the API marketplace on these best practices. In an Open Everything world, all players in the ecosystem benefit from stronger APIs and improved API security.

Join us throughout the rest of the year for API Talks as we dive into what makes a good enterprise API strategy and what you need to know to get the most out of your APIs.

Register today to join us for the next webinar in the series on November 17th: “Accelerate API adoption with a marketplace that both your producers and consumers will love”