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Sixteen Streaming Blockchain API Using Websocket

As we profile APIs for inclusion in our API gallery we are keeping an eye out for not just the web APIs that can be streamed with Streamdata.io, but also cataloguing and understanding the existing streaming APIs that already exist. We want to understand the motivation behind why API providers also publish streaming editions of their APIs, as well as document what technology they are using behind the streams. One area we are working to better understand is what is happening around the blockchain community, and how providers are using streaming technology to make market data more available to clients. As we have been profiling several blockchain API, we’ve been keeping a list of the Websocket APIs we’ve come across, and we wanted share them here with our users.

– Blockchain.info
– Poloniex
Waves WebSocket API

We are profiling the REST editions of these APIs using OpenAPI, and adding it to our API gallery. Then we will be profiling these Websocket APIs using AysncAPI, working to craft a machine readable index of streaming blockchain APIs. We are interested into pushing forward the machine readable format, and help apply to not just blockchain APIs, but real time APIs from any other sector. Evolving how we discover, and integrate with real time APIs, while also pushing forward how we document the streaming APIs we are publishing using Streadmata.io.

Once we’ve crafted an OpenAPI, Postman Collections, and AsyncAPI definitions for these blockchain API we will publish them here them here on the blog. We are looking to bring the existing streaming API landscape into focus, and make it more discoverable, and accessible. While also looking to augment the existing web APIs with streaming versions to help make them more real time, and event driven. Cutting through the noise, and helping establish more meaningful channels of data that people can subscribe to, whether or not we are the service behind delivering each of the streams.

**Original source: streamdata.io blog