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How to Stream your APIs in Minutes

We are pleased to announce Axway AMPLIFY Streams, an event-driven API streaming SaaS offering.  

Streams are the result of Axway’s recent acquisition of Streamdata.io. Streams enable development teams to create awesome real-time experiences and deliver critical business data at speed and cost-effectively. Streams add streaming capabilities to existing APIs in minutes with no coding. It can be used to add an event-driven layer to any existing API infrastructure, including non-Axway API gateways 

According to Gartner, “Event-driven API management is gaining importance due to factors including the Internet of Things and microservices. Application leaders responsible for application architecture must evolve their API management strategy beyond request-response REST APIs to support more pervasive event-driven IT.” ¹

With AMPLIFY Streams, were enabling our customers to leverage the benefits of event-driven streaming in their own applications and solutions.
AMPLIFY Streams overview
Streams sit between the clients (mobile apps, web apps, and downstream servers) and data sources. It pools requests from multiple clients and
frequently polls the sources on behalf of the clients. Once Streams detects a change in the response from the source, it proactively pushes the incremental changes to all subscribed clients, thereby ensuring that all clients have the most up-to-date data, and at the same time, reducing the load on backend API infrastructure.

AMPLIFY Streams Highlights

  • Add streaming capabilities to any existing JSON API in minutes with no coding  
  • Use with any API Gateway (including non-Axway gateways) 
  • Decrease operational costs and load on API server by pooling requests from multiple clients and caching
  • Use with any client (web, mobile, server) through standard HTTP persistent connection  
  • Reduce client processing and network consumption by sending only differential updates 
  • Improve user experience and customer satisfaction by infusing real-time data into your applications 
  • Secure streaming traffic using TLS connection (data sent to and from Streams)

Customers across a wide range of industries – including banking and financial services, transportation and logistics, and media and entertainment are adopting streaming capabilities to improve speed, provide cutting edge user experiences, and reduce operational costs.

AMPLIFY Streams is very easy to try and use. Here’s a sneak peek:

AMPLIFY Streams screenshot


Sign up for a free trial and be streaming away in just a few minutes at https://portal.streamdata.io. We even provide a sample API for you to try out Streams. 

Here are some useful links: 

Once you have tried Streams, please share with your colleagues and let us know your feedback using the Comments section below. 

Sign up for a free trial of AMPLIFY Streams

¹Gartner, The Impact of Event-Driven IT on API Management, Paolo Malinverno, Mark O’Neill, Refreshed 5 September 2018, Published 30 March 2017