API Management

API and Microservices Management

Video Transcript

APIs are a pretty simple concept.

They connect systems so data can be easily used by apps on your phone, desktop or anywhere that adds value so you can invent better ways to engage with your customers, partners, employees and developer communities.

They are backed up by Microservices, which enable your IT infrastructure to be agile and quickly address change.

But without a solid strategy in place, things can get complicated in a hurry.

That’s why it’s critical to think about how you will build, publish, govern, scale, promote and analyze your APIs. This is known as API Management. And how you can similarly manage the Microservices that support them.

Done right, integrated API and Microservices management simplifies and streamlines the whole lifecycle. This means you can:

  • Speed digital transformation. Free data trapped in legacy systems more easily than ever before then use it to respond to the needs of the business faster than ever before.
  • Lower your costs. Stop wasting your IT budget on maintaining old systems and start investing in the IT infrastructure of the future.
  • Improve security and compliance. Guard against cyberattacks and Deliver the right information to the right place at the right time, every time without worry.

Consider this: in a recent global survey, 98% of IT decision-makers said APIs are critical to their organization success.

Why so many?

Because without APIs, there’s no way to unlock the data you need to create the modern cloud, mobile and IoT apps and experiences your customers and partners expect. It’s time to get serious about API and Microservices management!

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