Promote an API from Unified Catalog to Integration Builder

Integration Builder to Unified Catalog
Integration Builder to Unified Catalog

A new feature has been released on the Unified Catalog. Read more about the introduction to the Unified Catalog of the AMPLIFY Platform. Discover how to promote an API from a Unified Catalog to Integration Builder.

Unified Catalog to Integration Builder

Customers that are leveraging our iPaaS feature can now promote an API published in the Unified Catalog to Integration Builder as a custom connector with the click of a button. This saves the user the hassle of exporting the swagger definition and then manually importing it in Integration Builder, to create custom integrations between different applications. If you haven’t already, subscribing to the Unified Catalog is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

To promote an API as a connector template, you need to select the API from the Unified Catalog and click on the Export to Integration Builder (see image below):

You’ll be asked to provide the Organization and User secrets for the Integration Builder environment you want the connector template to be created in:

We can find those values in the Integration Builder, in the bottom left corner of the menu:

After all required values are filled in, click on Export. If the connector was created successfully, you’ll get the message below:


Now you can navigate to Integration Builder and see the connector template definition:

Learn more about the differences between an API Portal and a Unified Catalog.

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