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Supply chain organization: All I want is a digital business strategy


Dear Santa,

I work for an organization that operates in the global supply chain, and I hope the North Pole is treating you well and you’re well prepared for this holiday season. Normally, I write to tell you how good I’ve been and how this year I want the latest and great tech toys, but this year I figured I’d switch it up and ask for a few things that I need to move my business forward–and you always deliver the best gifts, so hopefully you can help out.

With another year behind us, my company needs a little help keeping us ahead of the curve for 2016. Instead of presents underneath our Christmas tree, how about you help give us tips on gaining a competitive advantage by figuring out how to properly implement a digital business strategy?

We’re not greedy

We’re not greedy, because we already have a lot of great legacy assets which we want to keep. But we need a digital business strategy that leverages these assets. Like many other companies, we’re looking for a plan that’s focused on business growth through embracing digital, while still focusing on the customer journey.

Top of our digital wishlist is an API that ensures data is transferred fast, efficiently and most importantly, securely. This API should come complete with a full platform to enable digital connectivity, so maybe you can put the Axway 5 Suite in our stocking?

Promises for digital business strategy

I promise my employees that I have been good this year and that I will continue to be good in 2016. If you’re able to give us the ultimate gift of digital business enablement–perhaps Axway can help you out with that?


Supply Chain Organization and Big Fan of the Holiday Season

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